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5 Tips and Tricks to Get More Kills and Chicken Dinners in BGMI

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Aug 23, 9:40 AM   |   6 min read

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All BGMI players aim to reach Conqueror Tier in the new season, Season C412 in BGMI. With the season rank reset, players will get a fresh start to climb up the rank and collect the respective rank souvenirs throughout the season. To give one's rank push a perfect start, the player must understand their drop location, inventory and environment. 


Here are the five tips and tricks to get high-kill Chicken Dinner matches in BGMI Season C412


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Tips and Tricks to Secure a High Kill Chicken Dinner in BGMI Ranked Matches


1) Don't Enter Ranked Matches Dry


Practice Range BGMI


Most BGMI players refrain from warming up before playing a ranked game, which usually backfires. Before starting a ranked match, players should warm up their controls and movements, which will help eliminate all kinds of rustiness. After a good warmup session, the chances of winning a fight in ranked matches will increase and boost your rank push. 


2) Choose a Familiar and Safe Drop Location


Erangel Map in BGMI

Players can plan their drop location while waiting on Spawn Island based on the plane path when they enter a match. Avoid choosing hot drops like Georgopol or Sosnovka Military Base, as it will be challenging to find good loot, increasing the chances of getting eliminated. One can drop at small houses near these hot drops, loot them, and then engage in fights. 


3) Choose a Versatile Loadout



With tons of guns available in BGMI, players should choose a versatile loadout, which will help them to take fights from close-range to mid/long-range. Players can choose a total of two guns: primary and secondary weapons. The loadout should be such that players can take down enemies in close range and grab all the opportunities to knock down opponents at a distance. M416 is one of the most versatile weapons and can accompany guns ranging from DBS to AWM. 


4) Change the Damaged Helmet, Vest and Vehicle

Damaged Vehicle BGMI


The helmets and vests are essential to a player's inventory. Players can get three levels of helmets and vests, reducing the damage they receive. Helmets and Vests can bear a finite amount of hits and will be obliterated after taking some damage. It is wise to change the protections if they are more than 60% damaged. 

Similarly, a damaged vehicle can drive one straight out of the match. Opponents can burst a damaged vehicle in a single spray; thus, players should get freshly spawned cars occasionally. 


5) Use Medical Supplies Efficiently



Just like the protection equipment, one must use their medical supplies efficiently. Players usually consume a med kit with 75% HP instead of simply consuming painkillers. Imagine a med kit can be crucial in an intense fight where the player is down to 5% health, and a med kit can restore it to 100%, increasing their chances of winning. If players have one first aid and have no enemies around, they should use bandages to restore their health, which will save medical supplies for future use. 


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