Privacy Policy

Gossip GG is committed to protecting the privacy of its users and has implemented a comprehensive privacy policy to outline how personal information is collected, used, and shared on the website. Here is a detailed summary of the key points covered in the policy:

Information Collection:

By accessing or using the website, you indicate your acceptance of this disclaimer, the terms of use, the privacy policy, and any applicable subscriber agreement, all of which are available on the website. These documents establish a mutual agreement between the user and Gossip.GG, outlining the rights and responsibilities of each party. It is important to understand that accessing and using the website is solely at the user's discretion and risk.

Use of Cookies:

Gossip GG uses cookies to enhance the user experience and provide personalized features. Cookies are also utilized to save user preferences, analyze user interactions, and deliver targeted advertisements. Users have the option to accept or decline cookies through their browser settings.

Google Analytics:

The website utilizes Google Analytics to track and monitor website traffic. Google Analytics may collect data for advertising personalization and shares this information with other Google services.

Use of Information:

The collected information is used by Gossip GG to provide and manage requested services, communicate with users regarding offers and information, customize advertising, analyze user demographics and behavior, and protect the rights of the website, subject to user consent.

Sharing of Information:

The website may share user information with social media services, business partners, service providers, affiliates, and third parties involved in providing content or advertising. In certain cases, information may also be shared in connection with corporate transactions. Anonymous or aggregated data may be shared for various purposes.

First Party Advertising:

GossipGG may display advertisements related to Basik Marketing Pvt Ltd. However, GossipGG does not showcase any third-party advertisements. This means that the website will only feature advertisements directly associated with Basik Marketing Pvt LTD and will not display advertisements from external entities.

Transfer of Personal Data:

User information, including personal data, may be transferred to and stored on servers located outside the user's jurisdiction. Gossip GG uses trusted service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) for data storage, and these providers have their own privacy policies.

Childrenā€˜s Personal Data:

Gossip GG does not knowingly collect personal data from children under the age of thirteen. Some services on the website may have age restrictions, and parental consent may be required for minors to use certain features.

Data Retention:

Gossip GG retains user information for as long as necessary to provide services, fulfill contractual obligations, comply with legal requirements, and for legitimate business purposes. Once the data is no longer needed, it is either securely deleted or made anonymous.

User Rights:

Users have certain rights regarding their personal data, including the right to request a copy of their information, correct inaccurate data, withdraw consent, and request the deletion of their personal data. It's important to note that there may be limitations or fees associated with these requests, depending on applicable laws and regulations. By providing this detailed privacy policy, Gossip GG aims to ensure transparency and maintain the trust of its users regarding the collection, use, and protection of their personal information on the website.

For any complaint related to our services or content of the Website, the aggrieved person may raise the query / complaint within a period of two (2) days from the date of first publication to [email protected].