These editorial guidelines outline the values and standards of Basik Marketing regarding all content published on our website.

Definition of Esports:

The term "esports" encompasses various definitions that continuously evolve as new games, platforms, tournament formats, and industry stakeholders emerge. While there is no universally accepted definition, our coverage follows the following definition of esports (subject to change). We classify a game as an esports title when it satisfies ALL of the following broad criteria (subject to change):

  1. Multiplayer: The game must have a multiplayer component.

  2. Organized, Spectator-Friendly Competitions: The game must have organized competitions that are enjoyable for spectators.

  3. Skill-Based Victory: The outcome of the game must primarily depend on skill rather than chance. a. Intellectual Skill: Victory relies on intellectual abilities such as strategy, in-game decision-making, pre-game drafts, etc. b. Physical Skill: Victory involves physical skills such as high APM (Actions Per Minute), quick reflexes, significant hand-eye coordination, etc.

Verification Standards (Fact Checking):

Basik Marketing is committed to ensuring the accuracy of the information published in our content. We employ several measures to achieve accuracy, including investigating claims skeptically, questioning assumptions, challenging conventional wisdom, and corroborating information through discussions with informed individuals or reference to relevant documents. We strive to verify content, such as technical terms, statistics, etc., by referring to source documents or clearly attributing the information to its source. In some cases, we may consult primary sources or external experts to verify specific aspects of a story. Our staff writers are guided to ask the following questions when double-checking information:

  1. How do you know?

  2. How can you be sure?

  3. Where is the evidence?

  4. Who is the source, and how does the source possess this knowledge?

  5. What supporting documentation is available?

Correction Policy:

Although we make substantial efforts to maintain accuracy in our content and coverage, occasional errors may occur. If you believe that a story published on our website contains inaccuracies, please contact our editorial team at [email protected]. Upon verification, we will promptly make the necessary corrections on our website. If appropriate, we will include a note indicating that a correction has been made.


Basik Marketing Private Limited exclusively owns GossipGG, Maverik and The Esports Club, which function as wholly owned subsidiary entities.

Our client services division actively collaborates with gaming and esports tournament organizers, teams, brands, game developers, publishers, and other industry participants. We provide services such as consulting, marketing, content creation, and more.

We prioritize ethics and transparency and strive to incorporate relevant disclosures within our content whenever it includes references to our investors and clients. Additionally, any content that has been sponsored or paid for on our site will be clearly identified as such.