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Microsoft Might Switch From AMD To Intel For Its Upcoming Xbox

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Feb 8, 5:15 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Microsoft might discontinue with AMD hardware for it's next generations of Xbox.

  • The rumours spread amidst AMD's potential signing with Sony for their upcoming home console and PlayStation handheld.

  • Xbox games will feature across PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, marking the end of Microsoft exclusivity.

After the shocking rumours about Xbox ending the exclusivities of its renowned titles, news from popular YouTuber 'Moore's Law is Dead' suggests that Intel chips will power the upcoming Xbox. While answering his fans' questions, Moore's Law is Dead said that AMD plans to team up with Sony, opening the possibility for Xbox to tie up with Intel for its future projects. 


Microsoft has worked with AMD for their needs of powering their consoles for a long time. Recently, Sony has been working with AMD on their upcoming PlayStation home console alongside the PlayStation's forthcoming handheld. With AMD joining hands with Sony, Xbox might switch to the blue team to run their consoles.


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AMD Might Work With Sony For Their Upcoming Portable Handhelds, Opening Possibilities Of Xbox Partnering With Intel



In the 'Moore's Law is Dead January Loose End' livestream, the creator talked about how Intel might be looking forward to working on the next generation of Xbox consoles. Intel made their way into the console market by partnering with MSI to launch the latest Intel-based MSI Claw gaming handheld. Alongside the MSI Claw, One-Notebook's OneXPlayer X1 Gaming handheld was another handheld running on Intel's chipset.


AMD has been providing hardware to power Xbox consoles for nearly a decade. Intel, being one of AMD's biggest rivals, might grab this opportunity to work with Xbox and enter the console market. Microsoft is also looking for someone like Intel to help them build future Xbox consoles.


Since all the news about AMD signing with Sony is a claim by the YouTuber Moore's Law is Dead, one cannot say what exactly the future holds for the relationship between AMD and Xbox. If the discussions between Xbox and AMD go well, they might continue their time together to build the new generation of Xbox, or Intel might look to make a name for themselves in the console market by working with Xbox. 


Before the rumors about the future of Xbox surfaced, an anonymous source told The Verge that Bethesda, the creators of popular games like Starfield, were considering bringing their games to PlayStation 5. Interestingly, Microsoft is working to allow select games on multiple platforms. Several Xbox titles might make their way to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch in the coming months, marking the end of Microsoft exclusivity.

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