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One-Netbook Announces MSI Claw Competitor OneXPlayer X1 Gaming Handheld

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Jan 31, 8:29 AM   |   6 min read

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  • OneXPlayer X1 is a 3-in-1 gaming handheld by One-Netbook, featuring Intel Core Ultra 155H APU.

  • OneXPlayer X1 supports a magnetic keyboard and detachable controllers, which can be attached based on the requirements.

  • Crowdfunding for OneXPlayer X1 is live on Indiegogo.

One-Netbook, popularly known for its gaming handsets and accessories, decided to start 2024 by competing against the Intel-based MSI Claw A1M handhelds. OneXPlayer X1 is a 3-in-1 handset that will work as a gaming handheld and can be converted into a laptop and tablet. One-Netbook can make a name in the handheld market thanks to the 16 cores and 22 threads in OneXPlayer X1's Intel Core Ultra 7 APU.


MSI announced its MSI Claw at CES 2024, which was supposed to be a Steam Deck rival, and it will go against OneXPlayer X1 for the title of the best Intel-based gaming handhelds. MSI Claw A1M and OneXPlayer X1 are powered by Intel Core Ultra 7 155H, unlike the other handhelds like Steam Deck, Lenovo Legion Go and Asus ROG Ally, which have adopted AMD APUs for their systems.


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OneXPlayer X1, A 3-in-1 Gaming Handset To Compete Against Its Intel-Based APU Counterpart, MSI Claw 



OneXPlayer X1 runs on an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processor based on Intel's 4nm technology with six performance cores, eight efficient cores and two low-power efficient cores. To make it a 3-in-1 handset, OneXPlayer X1 sports a 10-95" 2.5K LTPS display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The handset supports a magnetic keyboard and detachable controllers, which can be attached based on the requirements.


An eleven-inch gaming handheld sounds heft, and at the moment, One-Netbook has yet to reveal the weight of the device, so it is uncertain how comfortable the handheld will be with the detachable controllers. While trying to make OneXPlayer X1 a versatile device, One-Netbook added features like fingerprint and Windows facial unlock.



OneXPlayer X1's rival MSI Claw is a fully-fletched gaming handheld with a smaller 7-inch display and 120 Hz refresh rate. Since both devices offer almost similar hardware under the hood, the success of the respective device will be based on the physical nuances and how well they are optimised. 


MSI Claw will cater to a hardcore gamer looking to game on the handheld, whereas OneXPlayer X1 users will be looking for versatility and flexibility on the go. OneXPlayer X1 can be considered a robust tablet with an option to attach controllers whenever one wants to play games. While they are each other rivals in the handheld market, they might cater to a slightly different target audience.



OneXPlayer X1 is live on Indiegogo, and One-Netbook opted for crowdfunding for the device. Currently, One-Netbook hasn't revealed the cost of the device, but looking at their past pricing, OneXPlayer X1 might cross the $1,000 price mark. On the other hand, MSI Claw is up for sale at $699. If One-Netbook fails to bring the pricing close to the $700 mark, it will be difficult for them to compete against MSI in the handheld segment. 

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