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S8UL Gaming Festival: Recap of India's Biggest Gaming and Esports Festival

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Jul 31, 9:37 AM   |   8 min read

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With an incredible two days of the S8UL Gaming Festival at Manpho Convention Centre in Bangalore, a new wave of excitement has entered the Indian Gaming Community. It was India's biggest Gaming and Esports event, where all the prominent gaming creators and personalities were present.  The festival hosted a series of events like Valorant and FIFA show matches, community tournaments, meet-and-greet, and many more community events. 


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S8UL Gaming Festival: Reliving India's Biggest Gaming and Esports Event



The first day of the S8UL Gaming Festival kicked off on a high note, where all the creators and thousands of their fans were at the venue. All the creators gathered on the stage to open the event with a cake-cutting session. Afterwards, the creators interacted with their fans throughout the day. 


Valorant Show matches Between the S8UL Creators 


The festival's first event was two Valorant show matches, where the first matchup was between Snax's Team Eagle and Payal's Team Delta. Creators from both teams entertained the audience with their showmanship. The fans couldn't hold their roar when Ketan made a surprising entry at the caster desk, returning the nostalgic PUBG Mobile memories. 


Team Eagle won the first map in a dominating style with a 13-1 scoreline, followed by the matchup between Sc0ut's Team Bravo and Mamba's Team Charlie. At the end of 15 rounds, Team Bravo won the game with a score of 13-2. 


On Day Two, Mortal's Team Alpha went against Snax's Team Eagle in a best-of-one matchup. After the three matches, Team Alpha and Team Bravo went on to play the final best-of-three Valorant showdown match. Team Bravo gave no chance to their opponents and was crowned champions after a 2-0 victory. 


The event's highlight was the Valorant faceoff between the beloved JOD Gang and Team S8UL. JOD Gang comprised VLT Sentinel, Binks, Goldy, fa2, and TbOne Gaming. The teams played two matches on the first day, where JOD Gang won the first map of Bind, while Team S8UL won the second map of Pearl. As the scores were tied, JOD Gang and Team S8UL were meant to meet again on the second day. 


On the second day, JOD Gang showed no mercy and went on the win the third map of Split with a 13-10, crowning them as the winners of the Valorant show match. 


Intense FIFA 1v1 between Sc0ut and Mortal, Meet-and-Greet, and Community Events


After some intense Valorant matches, Mortal and Sc0ut took over the stage for a one-on-one FIFA match. Sc0ut went on the virtual field with Paris Saint Germain (PSG), while Mortal played alongside Manchester City. The fans were going wild with every goal the players were scoring, and in the end, Mortal won the match with a 5-3 scoreline in his favour. 


While all the matches were going on, fans clicked pictures and signed autographs with their favourite creators at the meet-and-greet session. Back at home, boys from Team Soul were playing their round one matches of BGIS, and after three games, they made it to the second round. Thug himself came to give this news, followed by an exclusive Team Soul roster reveal at the festival. 



S8UL Gaming Festival hosted community events for Valorant, FIFA and Mortal Kombat 11. Additionally, fans could hang around to try on the latest Lenovo Legion laptops and play some Virtual Reality and F1 sims. A cosplay competition was also present, where the winner from each day received the latest Lenovo Legion laptops. Thug also made a surprise entry with his Pharoah cosplay from BGMI. 



On the second day, a special S8UL merch reveal was hosted, where all the creators showcased the merchandise inventory S8UL has built. 

Sc0ut's Birthday Celebration and Esports and YouTube Panel and a special reveal at S8UL Gaming Festival


On 30 July 2023, Sc0ut celebrated his birthday alongside the S8UL family and all his fans. He cut the cake with the team and thanked the fans and his fellow creators. 

The festival hosted several discussion panels, like the YouTube panel. In these sessions, creators like Mortal, Sc0ut, Thug, Payal and the founder of Trinity Gaming, Abhishek Aggarwal, sat together to enlighten their fans with their insights. 


At the S8UL Gaming Festival, the upcoming Lenovo LOQ Gaming Laptops were exclusively revealed during the Lenovo panel with Mortal and Sid. 


S8UL Gaming Festival is coming to Mumbai in 2024


After the massive success of the S8UL Gaming Festival 2023 in Bangalore, The Esports Club and S8UL announced that Mumbai will host the 2024 S8UL Gaming Festival.


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