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S8UL Gaming Festival Day 2 Valorant Matches: JOD Gang Defeats Team S8UL

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Jul 30, 1:01 PM   |   6 min read

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The fans are in love with the Valorant show match rivalry between the JOD Gang and Team S8UL at the S8UL Gaming Festival. On Day One of the S8UL Gaming Festival, Team S8UL and JOD Gang played two matches against each other, and the scoreline at the end read 1-1. Ultimately, JOD Gang took the final map away from Team S8UL and came out on top.

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JOD Gang Wins Best-of-Three Valorant Matchup against Team S8UL 

Team S8UL Valorant

JOD Gang won the first map of Bind on the first day with a 13-10 scoreline while Team S8UL won the second game on Pearl with a 13-10 score. As the scores were tied, fans were eager to know which team would win the final map on day two. The final match of the series was scheduled for the second day of the event.


As the second day of the S8UL Gaming Festival began, fans queued up to witness the epic battle between JOD Gang and Team S8UL. Per the map veto, Split was the final map for the series. The beloved JOD Gang consisted of Sentinel, Goldy, TbOne Gaming, fa2, and Binks, while Mortal, AnkkitaC, Aman, Viper, and Beg4Mercy represented Team S8UL. 


JOD Gang was in no mood to show mercy for Team S8UL as they decimated their opponents with a 9-3 half. Even though JOD Gang was in the lead, one cannot underestimate the 9-3 curse. After the scoreline was 12-5, it felt like an easy win for JOD Gang, but Team S8UL made JOD Gang work hard to win their final round.


After Team S8UL won five consecutive rounds, JOD Gang managed to break their momentum and secured the map, and the crowd at Manpho Convention Centre knew it was time to spam "JOD" in chat.


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