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Exclusive Team Soul Roster Reveal at S8UL Gaming Festival

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Jul 29, 5:21 PM   |   3 min read

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S8UL Gaming Festival, India's biggest eSports and Gaming Festival, is in full swing, with a series of events taking place at Manpho Convention Centre, Bangalore. While creators and audience were enjoying the event at Bangalore, boys from Team Soul were playing the first round of the Battleground India Series.


After the three matches, Team Soul built their path to the second round of BGIS. A special roster reveal video was telecasted exclusively at S8UL Gaming Festival to celebrate the qualification with their fans.


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Team Soul Roster Reveal Video Shown Live at S8UL Gaming Festival


With the Day One of S8UL Gaming Festival and Team Soul playing their BGIS matches, it was a big day for the members of S8UL and the fans. Team Soul didn't get an expected start, as they just had 7 points after the first two matches. The third match was all Team Soul had to qualify for the second round of BGIS.


In the final map of Sanhok, Team Soul went all in under the IGL Omega to grab the third position and 20 points. Omega led the team with five finishes in his name. With the help of 20 points in the final map, Team Soul qualified for the second round with 27 total points at sixth position.


After the qualification, an exclusive roster reveal video was telecasted at the S8UL Gaming Festival, revealing the five-man lineup and the coach Amit Dubey. The players of Team Soul are:

  • Sahil "Omega" Jakhar
  • Harsh "Goblin" Paudwal 
  • Sohail "Hector" Sheikh
  • Akshat "Akshat" Goel
  • Naman "Neyo" 


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