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Complete Schedule for Day One of S8UL Gaming Festival: Valorant LAN Details

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Jul 29, 7:00 AM   |   3 min read

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The whole Indian Gaming Community has been thrilled for the S8UL Gaming Festival, where creators all around India will be celebrating their shared passion of gaming with their fans. Fans have to wait no longer as day one of the S8UL Gaming Festival has begun.


The S8UL Gaming Festival will include events like Valorant Show matches between your favourite creators, meet & greets, and many more activities. Let's take a look at the schedule for the first day.


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Day One Schedule of S8UL Gaming Festival

S8UL Gaming Festival Day One Schedule

The day will start with a Valorant Stream Showdown between Team Delta and Team Eagle at 11:45 am. Team Delta comprises Payal, Viper, Aman, Sherlock and Joker Ki Haveli, while Snax, Euphoria, Ketan, Akshu and Krutika will play under the banner of Team Eagle. It will be a best-of-one match.


At 12:45 am, Team Brave will be up against Team Charlie. The five-man lineup of Zeref, Regaltos, Mili Kya Mili, Pothead and Scout will come together as Team Bravo. Conversely, Team Charlie will consist of Rebel, Mamba, Sid, Krutika and Mercy.



After the two Valorant show matches, it's time to switch to FIFA. At 01:45 pm, Mortal and Sc0ut will be up against each other on the virtual football field. After a fun series of matches, the creators will move forward to the YouTube panel at 02:45 pm where fans can interact with their favourite creators and click some photographs. Indian Valorant is incomplete without JOD Gang and at 03:15 pm, the JOD Gang will go up against Team S8UL for a two-match series. 


Fans currently in Bangalore can make their way to India's biggest Gaming and Esports festival at Manpho Convention Centre and take part in the two day celebration of gaming and esports.


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