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TP-LINK Launches Three New Wi-Fi 7 Routers In China

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Jan 31, 8:29 AM   |   6 min read

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  • TP-Link unveiled a new Wi-Fi 7 series router in China at a starting price of 229 Yuan.

  • The Wi-Fi 7 routers include BE3600, BE5100, and BE6500, with MLO dual-band stacking and built-in gaming accelerators.

  • Xiaomi will launch a new Wi-Fi 7 router, BE3600, on 30 January 2024, for under 299 Yuan.

The Chinese networking equipment and solutions provider TP-LINK has announced a new series of routers in China with Wi-Fi 7 technology. The new lineup features BE3600, BE5100 and BE6500 TP-LINK routers. TP-Link boasts about the Multi-Link Operations or MLO in its newly launched routers, thanks to the Wi-Fi 7 connectivity and catering to buyers with up to 6Hz band support. 


Xiaomi will also dive into the Wi-Fi 7 race by launching another router in the budget segment in China to add to its Wi-Fi 7 lineup. With the Wi-Fi Alliance starting to provide Wi-Fi 7 certification, already existing Wi-Fi 7 routers will look forward to getting their routers officially certified to tag themselves as future-proof.


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TP-LINK Launches Three New Wi-Fi 7 Router Starting at 229 Yuan or $32 In China



The renowned Chinese networking company TP-LINK revealed three new Wi-Fi 7 routers: BE3600 (7DR3610), BE5100 (7DR6560), and BE6500 (7DR5130). Each router will feature MLO dual-band stacking, Xtra Range 2.0, built-in gaming accelerators and EasyMesh 3.0 networking.


TP-LINK BE3600 (7DR3610) comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports alongside support for dual WAN and LAN port aggregation. The BE3600 is priced at 229 Yuan, roughly around $32, and can offer speeds of up to 3600 Mbps. The bigger brother, TP-LINK BE5100 (7DR6560), provides a higher speed of up to 5100 Mbps for 279 Yuan or $39. Unlike BE3600, BE5100 has one 2.5G Ethernet port and three Gigabit Ethernet ports. The higher-end BE6500 at 559 Yuan or $78 can offer speeds up to 6500 Mbps and has four 2.5G Ethernet ports alongside six high-power FEM amplifiers.


Prior to revealing its new router lineup, TP-LINK managed to secure the Wi-Fi 7 certification from Wi-Fi Alliance for its TP-Link Archer BE800 and TP-Link Deco BE85. Wi-Fi Alliance has recently started certifying devices with Wi-Fi 7 verified certification, which helps guarantee future-proofing and working alongside the other supported devices.


Wi-Fi 7, also known as IEEE 802.11be, is the successor of Wi-Fi 6, which will enhance the user experience by making low-latency wireless gaming and high-bandwidth streaming possible and making connectivity more efficient. The number says that Wi-Fi 7 will be:


  • 4.8 times faster than Wi-Fi 6
  • 13 times faster than Wi-Fi 5
  • 100 times lower latency
  • Five times the network capacity with the help of 320Mhz ultra-wide bandwidth and MLO


After the reveal of TP-LINK Wi-Fi 7 routers, China will witness another launch of the Xiaomi BE3600 Wi-Fi 7 router as a part of their "Smart Ecosystem campaign" on 30 January 2024. BE3600 will be Xiaomi's most affordable Wi-Fi 7 router, expected to be priced under 299 Yuan or $43. 

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