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Where to Find Mirador Open Top in BGMI C4S12 update?

Aaryanshi Mohan  |   Aug 22, 8:56 AM   |   6 min read

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The Mirado Open Top in BGMI used to be a Miramar speciality. However, in the 2.7 update, Krafton has ensured the car is readily available on other maps as well. This article will guide you in completing the latest mission and will help you figure out where to find Mirado in BGMI.


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How to Complete the Mirado KM Mission in BGMI?



With the current royale pass, BGMI has introduced a mission that revolves around driving the Mirado for certain kilometres. The first step towards completing this mission is finding the Mirado on different maps. Unfortunately, there is no particular spawn for the car but since it is not a unique find, players jumping into the battlefield can find the car in places where vehicles usually spawn. Once players have found the car they just have to drive it for about 3000 meters to complete the mission. The mission is complete players will get RP points that can increase their RP rank.


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Where to Find the Golden Mirado?


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The Mirado Open Top car used to be a Miramar exclusive but became a part of the other maps with the 2.7 update. However, there is one place in all the maps combined where people can find the rare Golden Mirado. This variation of the Open Top is still limited to Miramar and cannot be found on any other map.

The exact location of the Golden Mirado is the garage of the main building in Hacienda. However, players have to be very careful about trying to obtain this vehicle since a lot of people drop down to this location, just to get a glimpse of this vehicle and drive it around the map. If players choose to find this car, they can easily complete the RP mission. 


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