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Top 5 Guns in BGMI After Update 2.7: M416, Groza, and More

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Aug 12, 12:34 PM   |   6 min read

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The latest Battleground Mobile India 2.7 update is out, and BGMI players are back to grind on the leaderboard. With the new BGMI 2.7 update, the game is receiving significant updates like the new Dragon Ball Super mode, new features and guns, and one must understand the new mechanics of the game and guns. 


While entering the battle arena in BGMI, players must pick up the perfect loadout to take Chicken Dinner home and climb up to Conqueror. Let's look at the top five guns in BGMI that one should use in the new 2.7 update to rank up on the leaderboard. 


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Top Five Gun in BGMI to Play in 2.7 Update to Win Every Match


Before mentioning the top five guns, let's talk about the three most overpowered firearms, which can decimate almost every opponent, and it wouldn't make sense to compare them with other guns. 


Honorable Mentions

AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum)



AWM is one of the favourite guns of BGMI players and can be obtained by air and flare drops. It is a sniper rifle that uses 0.300 magnum ammo. If an opponent lacks level-3 armoury, a single headshot of AWM can knock them. 



Mk14 is an automated sniper rifle that loads 7.62mm ammunition and can only be obtained in drops. Unlike other DMRs, Mk14 has two firing modes: Auto and Single; the high fire rate and heavy 7.62mm bullets can instantly finish your opponents in close range. Players can switch to Single mode and use 8x scope to spot and knock enemies far away. 




DBS is a bullpup 12-gauge shotgun that shoots two continuous shots, giving enemies no time to react in a close-range fight. Even though DBS is a relatively new gun, it has been in the meta forever, and it would be advisable to start using DBS if one isn't.



These are the three overpowered guns from BGMI, and they are in a league of their own. Let's look at the top five guns BGMI, which one should consider adding to their inventory.





M416 is the most popular assault rifle that runs on 5.56mm ammunition. Most players prefer to use M416 as their primary weapon, as one can take close range with it due to little bullet spread and thanks to little recoil, one can shoot far away enemies using 3x scope. The versatility of the M416 helps players to combine it with guns like DP-28, AWM, and DBS without any tradeoff. 



Groza BGMI

Groza is one of the go-to assault rifles, which uses 7.62mm bullets. To add Groza to your inventory, one must look for airdrops and loot them. Groza's heavy 7.62mm ammo and higher gun fire rate make it a close-range beast, especially during the fights in the final circle. 




M16A4 is another versatile weapon players prefer, but with the new Full-Auto attachment in the latest 2.7 update, M16A4 has made a considerable jump in the preference list. M16A4 uses 5.62mm ammunition, and previously, it had only two modes: Single and Burst. The latest update introduced a new attachment called Full-Auto Mode, which can convert M16A4 into an automatic assault rifle, making it more versatile. 




AKM is one of the OG assault rifles of BGMI, which runs on 7.62mm bullets. The heavy ammunition of AKM makes it a powerful weapon during close-range fights. The only tradeoff with AKM is its bullet spread and recoil, which many beginners need help to master. If one has sufficient practice with AKM, it is evident that one can control its recoil and bullet spread and use the positives of this gun to their advantage. 




UMP45 is one of the best SMG in BGMI, which runs on 0.45ACP ammunition. By default, one can load 25 bullets in it, but using an Extended Quickdraw Mag is preferred to fire up to 35 shots and for faster reloads. UMP45 offers stability and less bullet spread, making it an excellent primary weapon for close-range battle. 


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