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Top 5 UCL Heroes To Try In EA FC 24

Bryan "Dracorexia" Francis  |   Nov 28, 8:02 AM   |   6 min read

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  • These cards have dynamic images that have been made for the game in collaboration with Marvel.

  • The only manner to obtain these cards is by the Pre-Order pack


Last night EA Sports Launched a new promo within EA FC 24. This promo is called UCL Heroes. These cards have dynamic images that have been made for the game in collaboration with Marvel. Hero cards are provided to players from the older generation who could be considered as one of the best when they play the sport. These UEFA Hero cards are similar to the already realized Hero cards in EA FC. The major difference between the two is the ratings, playstyles, and dynamic images of the cards. In this article, we will be taking a look at the top 5 UEFA Hero cards that you must try out.


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EA FC: Who Are The Top 5 UEFA Hero Cards In The Game?


Currently, the only manner to obtain these cards is by the Pre-Order pack that players receive if they Pre-ordered the Ultimate edition of EA FC. If the players did verify their pre-order then they would receive the UEFA Hero Edition of cards in the game. If they did not they would receive the normal Hero Edition of the card. Ideally, these cards will be later realized in SBCs as well as Promo packs in the future. Here are the Top 5 players that you should try out from the UEFA Heros Promo.


Abedi Pelé (Lique 1) - 90 OVR



The first player on our list might confuse a lot of fans of football. This Pele is a different player than the well-renowned Pele from Brazil. The first UEFA Hero card one must try out is of Abedi Pele. Till now he is considered as one of the best players to have played football from the country of Ghana. Looking at his face card stats we see 92 Pace, 85 Shooting, 88 Passing & 92 Dribbling. These stats are decent for a player who can play in the CAM, LM, and CF positions in the game. Another point to note is his 4-star skill moves and weak foot.


Paulo Futre (Liga NOS) - 89 OVR




The next player on our list is none other than the Portuguese legend, Paulo Futre. The first player on our list to have 5-star skill moves. Having 5-star skill moves helps Paulo Futre add another dimension to his play by being able to use skill moves. Looking at his face card stats he has 94 Pace, 83 Shooting, 82 Passing & 94 dribbling. He can play in the LW, RW, ST, and LM positions as well. As a winger he will be expected to play higher on the pitch and with his High/Low work rates, he could also be used as a Shadow striker in EA FC 24. The only worry with his card is his 74 stamina. This would provide him with the glass cannon feeling in which he needs to subbed off by the 65th minute.


Vincent Kompany (Premier League) - 89 OVR



Known for his incredible defensive and leadership qualities, it doesn’t feel like the Belgian can ever be forgotten. Taking a look at his face card stats he has 81 Pace, 91 Defending, and 87 physicality. With a 6’3” frame and a Med/High work rate in EA FC, Kompany is one of the best centre-back cards in the game. One must keep in mind that due to being a Hero card with the premier league, he will be able to provide chemistry as well to other players in the team from the Premier League. It wouldn’t be a hot take to even try his card out in the CDM position as well due to his Playstyle Plus being ANTICIPATE.



Ludovic Giuly (La Liga) - 88 OVR


 The second last player on our list is none other than the French Elf himself Ludovic Giuly. Standing at 5’5” he might be one of the toughest wingers to get the ball off his feet. Not due to his strength but instead due to the manner he can adjust his centre of gravity. Looking at his face card stats he has 90 Pace, 85 Shooting, 85 passing, and 88 dribbling. Unlike Futre he isn't meant to be a glass cannon and has a respectable 88 stamina in EA FC. He can only play in the RM and RW position but with his 4-star skill moves and weak foot, one must not shy away to use him on the left flank. In a meta filled with tall players, it will be interesting to see if Giuly can make the required difference.



Wesley Sneijder (Serie A) - 91 OVR



Finally, the card that everyone must try out is none other than the legendary CAM from Holland, it is Wesley Sneijder. His time playing for Inter Milan and winning the UEFA Champions League with them is the main reason for him to obtain this card. Looking at his face card stats in EA FC he has 85 Pace, 87 Shooting, 93 Passing & 89 Dribbling. He also has 80 physicality but the key point to note is that 86 stamina. Here are some of his attributes in-game to realize how all-rounded his card is in-game 



  • Acceleration 88
  • Sprint Speed 82
  • Positioning 86
  • Finishing 85
  • Shot Power 89
  • Long Shots 92
  • Volleys 88
  • Penalties 80
  • Vision 96
  • Crossing 89
  • FK. Accuracy 94
  • Short Passing 92
  • Long Passing 96
  • Curve 90
  • Agility 87
  • Balance 87
  • Reactions 92
  • Ball Control 92
  • Dribbling 88
  • Composure 91


The cherry on top of all of this is that he also has 5-star skill moves and weak foot. Due to having a 5-star weakfoot ingame, any shot taken from his left foot will have the same probability as his right foot. Currently, his base Hero card is valued at 147,000 coins so it would be fair to assume that his UEFA Hero card will be available for around 300,000 coins in EA FC.


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