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BGMI 2.9 Update: Release Date, New Features, and More

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Nov 27, 8:00 AM   |   6 min read

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  • BGMI 2.9 update unveils Frozen Kingdom mode with winter festivities and special loot.

  • A New Full-Auto Mod for DMRs allows players to convert DMRs like Mini14 and SLR into an automatic gun.

  • The Frozen Kingdom mode in the 2.9 update will feature a Custom Garage and new vehicle options, including Snowboard and Sledge.


Amidst the wait for the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India update, 2.9 update, BGMI's official Instagram page teased the update with popular creators Payal Gaming and Joker Ki Haveli in it. The post tries to replicate the waiting scenario of BGMI fans and says that the BGMI 2.9 update will be dropping soon. Krafton writes, "Are you ready for the mega update? 2.9 Update Podcast, dropping soon!" For the announcement of the upcoming update, Krafton will follow its podcast model, where the renowned creators from the BGMI community come together to discuss the new patch.


In the 2.9 update, Battlegrounds Mobile India will feature a new mode called Frozen Kingdom, which will be a winter-inspired game mode. During the PUBG Mobile days, Krafton featured the winter theme, and for the upcoming update, Frozen Kingdom will be the highlight of the patch. Let's look at all the new modes, features and release dates of the BGMI 2.9 update.


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Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.9 Update To Feature New Mode, Custom Garage And Auto Firing In DMRs



Frozen Kingdom


The 2.9 update will be a winter-inspired theme, with BGMI introducing the Frozen Kingdom and Snowball Blaster in the game. Frozen Kingdom game mode features a snowy village in the game where players can celebrate the winters in-game by interacting with the Christmas tree, visiting the snow castle and summoning Santa Claus himself in the game. 


The Stalber area on the map of Erangel is covered with snow and will become the Snowy Village. In the Snowy Village, players can find heavy loot in the Snow Castle and get some special loot from the Christmas Tree gift boxes and snow boulders. Players can travel across the village with the help of a Glider and can reach the Snow Castle with its help. In the Snow Castle, players can ring a special bell on the top to call Santa Claus for the Christmas drop.


Players can also get their hands on the new Snowball Blaster, which will shoot snowballs and can turn the opponents into a snowman. In the Frozen Kingdom mode, the Red Zone's bombs will be converted into Snow bombs. If a player gets hit by the Snow Bombs, they will again turn into a snowman. With the Frozen Kingdom mode, players will have access to new vehicles like Snowboards, Reindeer and Sledge. If a player locates both a Reindeer and a Sledge, they can fly in the sky by connecting them. 


DMR Patch, Default Melee Control and Custom Garage


Previously, players were just taking single shots using DMRs (except for MK14, which has Auto Mode). With the BGMI 2.9 update, players will have access to a new attachment called Full-Auto Mod, which will attach to DMRs like Mini14, SLR, SKS and QBU. Players will now have the option to switch their default melee weapon from the settings. Players can choose either a Machette or a Dagger. 


2.9 Update will also come with a Custom Garage, where players can request the required vehicle once. Players can request from UAZ, Dacia, Coupe RB or Mirado (Open top). 


BGMI 2.9 Patch: Release Date


Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.9 update is expected to be out on 28 November 2023. Krafton will announce all the updates in the form of a podcast with all the BGMI creators on their YouTube channels. 

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