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Top 5 Thunderstruck Players To Try In EA FC 24

Bryan "Dracorexia" Francis  |   Nov 28, 4:30 PM   |   6 min read

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  • EA FC launched a new promo called Thunderstruck,consisting of players from the past as well as from the present.

  • Within This Thunderstruck Promo Certain Stats From The Base Cards Are Reduced To Provide An Overall Boost To The New Card In EA FC.


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming to an end yesterday, it won't be wrong to guess that a lot of people bought EA FC during the sale. Taking advantage of this hype as well as having new fans into the game, EA FC launched a new promo called Thunderstruck. Consisting of players from the past as well as from the present. Since the launch of EA FC, there has been quite a content galore in the game. Within this article we will be taking a look at 5 players you must try out from this promo.


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EA FC: Who Are The Top 5 Players One Must Try Out From The Thunderstruck Event?


One must note that in this article we aren’t going to talk about the best cards in the promo. This is because most of them cost over 2 million coins which is quite tough to obtain in the game. Unless someone is paying to buy FC points it is quite unrealistic to expect players to have that much money in the game. Instead, we are going to talk about players who can be used for all casual players as well as professionals of the game.


Juan Cuadrado


The first player on our list is none other than Juan Cuadrado. One of the best right-backs in this game as well as in the previous edition of this game. Looking at his face card stats, he has 93 Pace, 78 Shooting, 83 Passing, 89 Dribbling & 80 Defending. Cuadrado can play in 3 positions which are RB, RWB, and RW. Due to his card being quite balanced ideally, you could play him in a 5 at the back as a wingback. Due to his High/Low work rates, it would be rare to see him tracking back as well when required. Another point to note is that due to his low stamina, many players will need to substitute him by the 67th minute.




Alphonso Davies



Currently one of the best Canadian players to have ever played football, We have Alphonso Davies. Every edition of this game he has been the go-to left-back for a lot of professional players in the world. Taking a look at his face card stats, he has 96 Pace, 81 Passing, 86 Dribbling, and 79 physical. Due to his 4-star weak foot and skill moves, he can be played quite easily out of position on any part of the pitch. Davies can play in the LM, LB & LWB positions thus allowing him the flexibility to play in all formations available in the game. Due to having Quick Step as his Playstyle Plus, you will see him accelerate at a faster pace when compared to players without this trait and having the same stats. Currently, his card is valued at 748,000 coins.




Marie Katoto



Marie Katoto might now officially be another reason why players will be trolled during pack openings. Due to being in the same club and nation as Mbappe, there have been multiple instances where players feel they have placed him but instead, it's Marie. It does feel like EA has gone one step forward and given her a promo card to maybe soften the burn. Looking at her face card stats she has 85 Pace, 90 Shooting, 80 Passing & 86 Dribbling. There is another aspect to her card which comes concerning heading. While she has a 5’10” frame in EA FC, her card has 96 heading accuracy & 97 jumping with the Power Header Playstyle as well. With her 4 star skill moves & weak foot as well as having High/Low work rates, she does qualify to be a cheap beast. Currently, she is valued at 70,000 coins.



Kadidiatou Diani



The second last card on this list is Kadidiatou Diani.  This is the point in the list where the prices of the cards start to skyrocket. She has 4 start skills as well as a weak foot. She can play in the RW, RM, and ST positions in EA FC. Her face card stats are as follows 90 Pace, 86 shooting, 85 Passing & 89 dribbling. With the High/High work rates, she is undoubtedly one of the best RWs currently available in the game. Currently, her card is valued at 1.2 million coins and anyone will understand why. Having the Trivela Playstyle Plus with the Finesse Shot Playstyle is the cherry on top of her card.


Vinícius Júnior


Finally, the card which if possible everyone must try out is none other than the EA FC Mobile cover star himself, Vinicius Junior. The Brazilian winger has been one of the best wingers to watch play in any competition recently. Looking at his face card stats he has 96 Pace, 84 shooting, 80 Passing & 91 dribbling. These stats don't show the full story as he also has 86 stamina, 5-star skill moves & 4-star weakfoot. The interesting part about his card is that EA has reduced his passing stats when looking at his base card stats to provide a boost to the rest of the card. Currently on the market he is valued at 3.9 million coins which is incredibly very high. As such we suggest you wait until EA provides a SBC to obtain a Thunderstruck player in the game.


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