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Indus Battle Royale Crosses 10 Million Pre-Registrations On Google Play Store

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Mar 14, 4:46 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Indus Battle Royale Beta for Android surpasses 10 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store, showcasing significant anticipation and support from fans.

  • SuperGaming responds to the overwhelming demand by distributing 200,000 beta keys, allowing players to access new features and explore the world of Virlok in the game.

  • Recently, a new gameplay feature, the Grudge System, was revealed in an extended trailer, enabling players to seek revenge on their opponents and enhancing engagement and strategy in the game.

After launching the Indus Battle Royale Beta for the Android platform in February, the game continues to receive support from the fans as the pre-registration count crosses 10 million on the Google Play Store. To celebrate the success, SuperGaming will release 200,000 beta keys alongside new rewards, including unique skins, charms, and more.


Last month, to celebrate the 8.5 million pre-registration mark, SuperGaming announced the closed beta program of the Indus Battle Royale on Android. With the beta program, players can get access to the world of Virlok in Indus and test new features present in the game. SuperGaming also released an extended game trailer a few weeks back, in which they revealed their new Grudge system in Indus.


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SuperGaming To Release 200,000 Beta Keys For Indus Battle Royale Android



To express the excitement of crossing 10 million pre-registrations, Roby John, CEO and co-founder of SuperGaming, said: 


When we first started building Indus, we didn’t think we’d hit 10 million pre-registrations before launch. What we didn’t count on was the overwhelming support of the gaming community that pushed us forward. Thank you for building India’s gaming revolution with us.


John also shared that SuperGaming will be distributing 200,000 beta keys of Indus Battle Royale for Android.  


While we can’t get all 10 million of you to play Indus just yet, we’re doing our best to give out more beta keys to meet the unprecedented demand. 


With the beta access, Android users can enter the map of Virlok, which has been worked upon after a series of feedback from the Indus community playtest and Indus Esports Invitational. All interested players can get access to the game by grabbing the Indus Beta Key and getting on the waitlist at Indus Beta.  


To make the game available to all gamers, SuperGaming is working towards optimising the game to run even on a Rs. 8,000 smartphone with just 4GB RAM. Sujeet Kumar, Technical Director at SuperGaming, expressed the importance of budget-segment smartphone users and how SuperGaming is working towards making the game available to low-end smartphones.


Mobile is the biggest segment of the Indian gaming market, and we want to treat players on mobile as first-class citizens rather than an afterthought. While Indus runs on Unity, our fully custom-built sandbox shooter tech stack called the Indus Engine allows us to optimise the game even further for a smoother playing experience.


After the launch of the Indus Battle Royale Beta, SuperGaming released an extended trailer, revealing the latest Grudge System. With the Grudge System, players can take revenge on their enemies. If a player dies in a game, they can choose to hold a Grudge over the player who killed them. Upon holding a Grudge, the matchmaking system will ensure that the enemy is matched with the player often, and the player will be rewarded for successfully eliminating their opponent.

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