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How To Use The EA FC 24 Web And Companion App

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Oct 27, 10:59 AM   |   6 min read

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  • EA Sports FC 24 Web and Companion App offers utility to build and manage the Ultimate Team in FC 24.

  • Players can access the Web App from the EA Sports FC 24 official website or download the Companion App on their mobile devices.

  • With Web and Companion Apps, players can build their Ultimate Team, buy and sell players, and complete SBCs on the go.


With the release of EA Sports FC 24, players are ready to create their Ultimate Team to conquer the virtual football grounds. While one needs to be on top of one's mechanical skill to win every game, managing teams becomes equally important. Team management includes swapping and resting players occasionally, claiming rewards for yourself and the team by completing SBCs, scouting and purchasing new players and more. To help players manage their Ultimate Team from anywhere, EA Sports has EA FC 24 Web and Companion Apps.  


For making minute changes, like team kits and names, healing players, and claiming rewards, opening the game repeatedly won't make sense. EA FC 24 Companions App helps to access non-playable features of the game on the Web and Mobile. With the EA FC 24 Web and Companion App, players can access these features on their browser or phone and keep their Ultimate Team updated. 


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EA FC 24 Web and Companion App: How To Download and Use



EA FC 24 Companion App is available on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Follow these steps to set up EA FC 24 on mobile devices:


  1. Download the EA Sports FC 24 Companion App from the Google Play Store or Apple Store
  2. Ensure an Ultimate Team Club and a security question are present. If not, log in to FC 24 on the Console or PC and create them.
  3. Open EA Sports FC 24 on the mobile device and log in with one’s EA account.
  4. Once the app is running, players can start building their Ultimate Team.


Those who want to access these features on their laptops via a browser can head to the EA Sports FC 24 official website and open the EA FC 24 Web App. Log in to the Web App with the linked EA accounts, and players will be ready to build their Ultimate Team. On the EA FC 24 Web and Companion Apps, players can complete Squad Building Challenges (SBC) and gain rewards, manage their squad, customise their stadium, and keep an eye out on the transfer market to get the best possible player in their team.


With their latest iteration of the beloved franchise, EA Sports FC 24 has various additions. One of the talked about additions is the coming of women’s football and PlayStyles. With women’s football in FC 24, gamers can play alongside their favourite women players and build a team around them. In Ultimate Team, a squad can feature both male and female players and won’t be restricted by any club or nationality. Players from all nationalities can be a part of one’s Ultimate Team. PlayStyles is another feature in the game which is meant to increase the authenticity and player experience by adding real-life skills to the player in game. 


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