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EA Sports FC 24 PlayStyles: What are They and How do They Work?

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Sep 23, 6:34 AM   |   6 min read

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  • EA Sports have introduced PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ in FC 24

  • FC 24 will feature 34 PlayStyles across six categaries: Scoring, Passing, Ball Control, Defending, Physical, and Goalkeeper

  • PlayStyles are the signature abilities of the players which will help in making EA Sports FC 24 more authentic by connecting their gameplay with real-world players


With FC 24, EA Sports aims to provide an authentic and realistic experience with their latest game. EA Sports has developed PlayStyles to accomplish their target, which will go beyond the player ratings. PlayStyles feature a player's signature abilities, which helps showcase their unique playstyle. EA Sports FC 24 will come with 34 different PlayStyles, which will help them stand out from the other players on the field.


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EA Sports FC 24: List and Description of all the PlayStyles



PlayStyles will provide an element of realism by bringing the player's signature ability to the game. EA Sports FC 24 will also feature PlayStyles+, an upgrade to the signature abilities, helping to distinguish the world-class players from the rest of the crew. A total of 34 PlayStyles are present in them, and these PlayStyles will be coming under one of the six categories: Scoring, Passing, Ball Control, Defending, Physical, and Goalkeeper. 


Scoring PlayStyles

  • Chip Shot: Faster and accurate Chip Shots
  • Finesse Shot: Faster and accurate Finesse Shots with additional curve
  • Power Header: Powerful and accurate headers
  • Power Shot: Faster Power Shots
  • Dead Ball: Increased speed, curve, and accuracy on set pieces

Passing PlayStyle

  • Incisive Pass: Delivers faster and more precise Through Passes with additional curve
  • Pinged Pass: Ground Passes travel faster and is received well
  • Long Ball Pass: Accurate and faster Lofted Through Passes
  • Tiki Taka: Improved backheel passes with accurate ground passes
  • Whipped Pass: Accurate and faster crosses with additional curves


Ball Control PlayStyles

  • First Touch: Reduced error while trapping the ball and improved control while transitioning to dribbling
  • Flair: Ability to hit fancy shots with greater accuracy
  • Press Proven: Improved control and shielding of the ball while dribbling at jog speed
  • Rapid: Reduced error and higher sprint speed while dribbling 
  • Technical: Wider turns and controlled sprint while dribbling
  • Trickster: Performs unique ground and flick Skill moves



Defending PlayStyles

  • Block: Increased reach with improved blocks
  • Bruiser: Stronger physical tackles
  • Intercept: Increased reach and improved possession while interception
  • Slide Tackle: Ability to stop the ball at their feet during a slide tackle
  • Anticipate: Increased successful standing tackles with ability to stop the ball at their feet while performing standing tackle


Physical PlayStyle

  • Acrobatic: Improved accuracy while performing volleys with access to acrobatic volley animations
  • Aerial: Higher jumps with improved aerial physical presence
  • Trivela: Triggers "outside of the foot" passes and reduces shot error
  • Relentless: Reduces fatigue loss and increases fatigue recovery during half-time
  • Quick Step: Accelerates faster during Explosive Sprint
  • Long Throw: Allows powerful and long-range throw-ins


Goalkeeper PlayStyles

  • Far Throw: Goalkeeper can target further away players for thrown passes. BAG players have increased reach 
  • Footwork: Saves goals more frequently with their feet, helping them to save more close-range shots. BAG players have increased reactions and speed in 1-on-1 situations
  • Cross Claimer: GK tries to intercept a cross slightly before their opponent. BAG players have increased reflexes and reactions while opposing set pieces
  • Rush Out: Aggressive while gathering over-the-top balls or long through balls outside the box. BAG players have increased speed while running
  • Far Reach: BAG players have increased reach and jumping and are more effective in saving shots outside the box 
  • Quick Reflexes: BAG players have increased reflexes and reactions while saving shots from inside the box

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