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GTA 6 Announcement Coming This Week Plus Trailer in December: What to Expect

Kushal Bhattacharya  |   Nov 8, 6:37 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Grand Theft Auto 6 is possibly ready to unveil a reveal trailer for the title, according to a new report by Jason Schreier.

  • The trailer will repeatedly coincide with Rockstar's 25h Anniversary.

  • Leaked footage from earlier suggests a return to Vice City with 2 protagonists.


Rockstar Games is apparently ready to announce GTA 6 officially according to a new report from Bloomberg's Jason Schreier. After a long wait from fans since its first announcement back in February 2022, gamers may finally have the chance to have a look at the game officially. As is the case with almost all GTA announcement trailers, fans can expect the trailer to be more cinematic-focused than gameplay - giving a glimpse of the setting, characters, and overall theme of the game. 


During the Amazon Fire Stick hack event a few months ago, gamers across the globe got to see a lot of leaked footage regarding the game as leakers claimed them to be 'in-development' screenshots. With an upcoming trailer possibly on the way, it is yet to see what Rockstar has in plans. 


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What to Expect From the Possible Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer?


According to recent reports from  Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. plans to announce the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 this week. The trailer is expected to coincide with Rokstar's 25th Anniversary later in December. 


GTA 6 will be the upcoming entry in the franchise and the eighth mainline game in the series after 2013's Grand Theft Auto V. While the launch date is still under wraps, current and former Rockstar staff suggest the title to launch around FY 2024/2025. Moreover, it is also safe to assume that the title will only support the current-gen systems and hardware, including the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S at launch. 


It is still unsure if Rockstar will immediately launch a PC port for the game, considering both of its last titles, including Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V took almost two years to make it to Windows. During the 'network intrusion' event, hackers leaked some early footage from Grand Theft Auto 6. They also mentioned that developers will 'properly introduce' the game when it is ready. According to the leaked footage, gamers can expect a fictional Miami world in the trailer, featuring two protagonists, a man and a woman. While the later part still needs some official confirmation, one can still expect a familiar world design from earlier Grand Theft Auto installments. 


Currently, there is not much one can expect but an official trailer possibly coming in December according to Rockstar's 25th anniversary plans. Fans are extremely curious to know what the upcoming installment has in place for the franchise, as each GTA title has brought something new to the table alongside their vast open-world and interesting characters. 



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