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Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Release Date Announced: Makarov Confirmed as Villain

JJ Rankin  |   Aug 7, 6:12 PM   |   6 min read

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Activision has officially confirmed this year's Call of Duty game. Confirming the speculation and rumours of the past few weeks, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III will be dropping this November. "The ultimate threat awaits," Activision said in the recent teaser video. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be a direct sequel to last year’s game and will arrive on November 10, across PlayStation and Xbox consoles, in addition to PC.


The snazzy, 41-second trailer includes glimpses of a few familiar faces from the Call of Duty series, such as Captain Price and the baddie Vladimir Makarov and the video also features a voiceover that says, "Never bury your enemies alive."


Last year’s CoD included a post-credits teaser featuring a Russian terrorist force about to take over a commercial flight, with Makarov warning his agents, “No Russian.” Fans immediately identified it as a callback to 2009’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, in which Russian terrorists slaughter many people at a Moscow airport.


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Sledgehammer Helming Call of Duty Modern Warfare III With Activision's Network Of COD Studios


While official details are scarce, it is known that Sledgehammer Games is the primary developer of this direct sequel to last year's Modern Warfare 2, which hit $1 billion in revenue in 10 days breaking a new record. Sledgehammer is reportedly leading development on Modern Warfare III, with the support of Activision's network of CoD studios. All Call of Duty games will now reportedly be developed on the same engine, so fans can expect Modern Warfare III to "feel" similar to Modern Warfare II and Wazone. 


Reports emerged last February suggesting that though the game was originally being planned as a premium expansion to Modern Warfare 2, it had 'morphed' into a full game. Early access campaign for Modern Warfare III will reportedly begin on November 2 and beta weekends will be held between October 6-10 (for PlayStation) and October 12-16 (for the rest). It is also being reported that Activision's Treyarch studio will helm a new Call of Duty game in 2024. 

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