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Brawl Stars: How To Find A Good Team

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Jun 11, 8:19 AM   |   6 min read

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  • While climbing up the ranks in Brawl Stars, solo queuing could be really frustrating.

  • Players can find a new team by adding randoms, joining clubs, and online communities.

While climbing up the ranks in Brawl Stars, solo queuing could be really frustrating. Many times, players get into a match with unsupportive teammates, which results in the team losing the match and brings down the player’s morale. Hence, finding good teammates is really crucial to winning games, ranking up, and having fun. Here is a quick guide on how to find a good team in Brawl Stars.


 A permanent squad is also essential because, over time, players build up synergy, which plays a crucial role in communication. 


Finding team in Brawl Stars


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How To Find Teammates To Play With In Brawl Stars


If players are looking to rank up in Brawl Stars, they should refrain from solo queuing because there is a high chance that they might not get the desired teammates. Brawl Stars, being a 3v3 team game, depends highly on team coordination, which is not possible while playing with randoms. Here are the best ways to find teammates to play with in Brawl Stars.


Get me a team in Brawl Stars


Adding Randoms

In Brawl Stars, everyone’s journey starts with playing with random players online. If a player has no choice but to join a random team online, make sure to look out for good players. Players can add these random teammates as their friends and play a couple of ladders or power league matches together. After adding them as friends, players can continue playing and grind together.


Join Clubs 

Another way to find a team in Brawl Star is to join a club. Upon joining a club, players can share their invite with the club members or join someone else’s invite. If things go well, players can continue playing together and form a team to rank up and avoid solo queuing. 


Join Online Communities Like Discord

Many times, players come across like-minded gamers on online communities like Discord, after which they add each other as friends and start playing together. If someone is looking for a teammate, they can join gaming Discord servers and look for players who are also looking for a teammate. 

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