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Best LBs in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: Top 5 LBs in the Game

Bryan "Dracorexia" Francis  |   Jan 10, 9:06 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Theo Hernandez - A pacey attacking full-back with strong defending stats for only 13,000 coins.

  • Squad Builder Challenges can provide valuable cards like Havertz, but act fast before they expire.

  • Dominate the flanks with the best Left Backs in EA FC 2024!


The gaming community in EA FC has highly praised the winter Wildcard promo. This is due to the wide range of unique cards available to players all over the world. This includes the legends who were icons during their prime in the sport. But now that that promo is over there have been some amazing cards that have been released in EA FC. Some of them are quite overpowered in a given position. Within this article, we will be taking a look at the top 5 LB in EA FC in 2024.


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EA FC: Who Are The Best LBs in EA FC in 2024?

5 Theo Hernández  Gold Rare

We start of with a card that has been available since the start of the year. It is none other than Theo Hernández. The French professional football player who plays as a left-back for AC Milan in the Italian Serie A and the French national team. Known for his dribbling, speed, and goal-scoring ability, he is considered to be one of the world's best full-backs. In EA FC his base card is 85 overall. Some of his key stats are as follows:

  • Pace 93
  • Shooting 71
  • Passing 76
  • Dribbling 81
  • Defending 78
  • Physicality 84

As a left back Theo Hernández can play quite the attacking role when needed as well as switch to a defensive full back. With his 90 jumping,90 stamina, and 92 acceleration it is next to impossible for attackers to out-pace him. Currently, his is valued at 13,000 coins in EA FC.

Theo Hernández .png

4  Paolo Maldini Base ICON 

The next card on our list is none other than one of the best left backs who has played football. It is none other than Paolo Maldini. Maldini is an Italian football player who is widely regarded as one of the best defensive players ever. He spent the majority of his playing career at AC Milan where he held the captain's armband for many years, earning him the nickname "Capitano".

Base Icon Paolo Maldini is 92 overall rated. If we take a look at his in-game stats, he has:

  • Pace 85
  • Shooting 55
  • Passing 74
  • Dribbling 69
  • Defending 95
  • Physical 82

The unique aspect of Paolo Maldini is his incredible defending in the game. He has 95 Interceptions, 93 Heading Accuracy, 94 Def. Awareness, 96 Standing Tackle &
95 Sliding Tackle. Thus making his card one of the toughest to dribble past in EA FC. Currently, his card is valued at 860,000 coins but if you wish to do his Squad Builder Challenge it will cost you over 1.3 million coins.

Paolo Maldini .png

3 João Cancelo Trailblazers

The next Left back on out list is none other than João Cancelo. João Cancelo is a Portuguese full-back who is currently on loan at Barcelona from Manchester City. He is a key player for the Portugal national team and is a versatile full-back who has a great future ahead of him. Cancelo's attacking mindset, technical ability, and defensive intelligence make him an excellent player for any team.

João Cancelo Trailblazers is an 88 overall rated card. He can play in either the RB or LB or LWB as well as the RWB position. João Cancelo Trailblazers face card stats are as follows:

  • Pace 85
  • Shooting 75
  • Passing 88
  • Dribbling 87
  • Defending 83
  • Physicality 74

Due to having 90 stamina and 90 acceleration, he can be used as the overlapping attacking fullback in EA FC. Ideally, it would also be wise to use him in a formation with 5 defenders, as such providing him with the space on the wings to be more attacking. Currently, João Cancelo Trailblazers card is valued at 125,000 coins in EA FC.

João Cancelo .png

2 Kai Havertz Winter Wildcards

The second-best Left currently in EA FC is actually a player from a Squad Builder Challenge. It is none other than Kai Havertz Winter Wildcards. Kai Havertz (24) is a German international footballer who plays for the German national team and Arsenal in the English Premier League. Havertz joined Arsenal from Chelsea this season and has had a difficult start to life at the club. Because of his low confidence at the beginning of the season, there were many doubts about the transfer. Now that the first six months of the season have come to an end, Havertz seems to be getting back on track.

When he recently played for the German national team, he played as a left-back. A wildcard is Kai Havertz, whose base position is a left back, and he can play in the LWB or the LM position in the game.  Kai Havertz Winter Wildcards face card stats are as follows:

  • Pace 89
  • Shooting 77
  • Passing 87
  • Dribbling 87
  • Defending 85
  • Physicality 84

He has 4-star skill moves and a 4-star weak foot as well in the game. Currently, Kai Havertz Winter Wildcards SBC is valued at 179,000 coins in EA FC. One must note that his SBC is only available until the 21st of January.

Kai Havertz .png

1 Selma Bacha UEFA Champions League

The best left-back card currently in EA FC is none other than Selma Bacha's UEFA Champions League card. Selma Bacha is a French women's international football player who plays as a left back or left winger for Olympique Lyonnais féminin and on the French national team. Bacha is renowned for her speed, agility, and technical ability. She is adept at overlapping runs, providing accurate crosses, and setting up goals for her teammates.

On the defensive end, she is well-traveled in the tackle and has excellent awareness of her surroundings. Bacha has the drive, talent, and experience to be a star in the women's game for many years to come.

Selma Bacha's UCL W card is 90 rated in EA FC. Her face card stats in EA FC are as follows:

  • Pace 90
  • Shooting 77
  • Passing 88
  • Dribbling 86
  • Defending 83
  • Physicality 84

She has a 3-star weak foot and 4-star skill moves with High/High work rates in EA FC. Currently, her card is valued at 170,000 coins.

Selma Bacha .png


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