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"True Rippers vs. Global Esports Convergence 2023 Grand Finals Would Be A Dream Match" Says Bhavin From Global Esports

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Dec 14, 1:16 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Global Esports' revamped roster gears up for Convergence 2023 with strategic optimism.

  • Assistant General Manager Bhavin discusses challenges, emphasizing mental well-being and team synergy.

  • Bhavin anticipates a dream match against True Ripper, highlighting the team's excitement for LAN.

The year 2023 was the start of the franchise system in the Valorant esports and Global Esports was the only South Asian team to enter the league. After entering the league, Global Esports went international with their players and created a seven-man lineup. All the Indian fans had high hopes for the team but Global Esports' run in the Pacific League didn't go as planned. For the upcoming 2024 season, Global Esports has revamped its roster with Russ, LightningFast, Polvi, Blaze and Benkai. 


Global Esports also changed their management with Coach Spin stepping up as the head coach and BigTime acting as assistant coach. Former Global Esports player Bhavin 'HellrangeR' Kotwani opted for the new role of assistant general manager for the upcoming VCT 2024. After the revamp, Global Esports will play Convergence 2023, the team's first-ever tournament. Before Convergence, Gossip.gg had a chance to interact with Bhavin during the press conference where Bhavin shared his insights about the team's ideology and preparation for the upcoming events. 


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HellRangeR Talks About Global Esports' Preparation For The Convergence 2023 And Upcoming VCT 2024 Season



After Global Esports announced their new roster, fans were eagerly waiting for the team to play together on the big stage. While Convergence 2023 was supposed to be that moment, Global had to make a small change with former player SkillZ standing in for Benkai. Here is what Bhavin said about the impact of the inclusion of SkillZ in the lineup for Convergence 2023:


We knew about this a few weeks back itself. Obviously, it came out now in the news, but it doesn't impact the mental much for us. We are here to win and have to make some adjustments with lesser practice with SkillZ than with Benkai. At the same time, the players are smart and skilled enough to make it work inside the game. For us, it's about playing the map and playing the game rather than thinking that we don't have Benkai.  



Convergence 2023 will be Global Esports' first LAN event and Bhavin talked about the team's tempo and enthusiasm for playing in front of the Indian crowd:


The boys are pumped to play, and we have been talking about the LAN but also not talking about the LAN because you don't want to put it in the player's head. Everyone is pretty excited; they know what they have to do, and I am more nervous than them because when looking at the game from the outside, you cannot control the narrative; it's even more exciting.


When asked about the possibility of having a Global Esports vs. True Ripper faceoff in the grand finals of the Convergence 2023, Bhavin says, "That (TR vs GE grand finals) would be a dream match for the fans and everyone involved." Since the Global Esports roster is undergoing a complete revamp, Bhavin shares the critical factors that will lead GE to success in the upcoming season:


There will not be one factor that will lead us to success, but a combination of a lot of things. How the players deal with their mental well-being, how they perform inside the game, how they are together with each other, how respectful they are, and also, from our end, are we possibly doing the best we can to satisfy all their needs and give them the most optimal scenario to play the game? It is the culmination of everything from the management and team sides, and everyone should be working towards the same goal, and we are.



Bhavin also talked about the challenges Global Esports currently faces as an organisation. He stated, "Most challenges are faced around the visa and logistics." Global Esports will make their OFF//Season debut at Convergence 2023 against Team Vitality on 14 December 2023. While not considering Team Vitality their biggest rival, Bhavin acknowledges the history between the teams because of their knockout match at the Sao Paulo LOCK//IN event. 

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