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Scout Faces Racism In Paris, Asked To Pay Rs. 75,000

Team Gossip  |   Jan 30, 10:00 AM   |   6 min read

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  • During his livestream, Scout narrated an incident where he faced racism in another country.

  • A woman of African origin was reportedly racist against Scout.

  • Resolving the situation set Scout back by Rs. 75000

BGMI pro, Tanmay "Scout" Singh is currently on a work trip to Europe, and was updating his audience about his experiences over a live stream. One of the first things he told his audience was that he faced racism in Paris and was helped by his friend who is a French national. He didn't complete the conversation on his broadcast channel and then continued it on his live stream, later in the day.


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Scout Faces Racism During a Trip In Paris 



During his livestream, Scout narrated the whole incident. He stated that he was on a very long flight and had coffee after he landed. At this point he wanted to use the washroom and left his bag at a shop informing the cashier that he would be back in five minutes.


That cashier informed the police that the bag had been lying unattended for over an hour and the police took it. If it didn't have my documents and passport, I would have left but it was about the documents and I couldn't leave like that. Luckily, our member, supporter Ndas, was there and helped us during the whole situation.


Scout further explained that his friend from the nation helped resolve the dispute and get his bag back:


He reached out to the police officer and asked what the situation was and was informed that the police were called and told that the bag was just there, unattended for over an hour. When in reality he was just gone for five minutes. The police officer then said that to get the bag back, they would have to pay a fine of Rs 75,000. Full scam. I don't know whether it was okay for them to ask for this fine, but Ndas took care of everything and I got my stuff back. 


He ended the topic by stating that he was later informed that the woman who complained about the bag allegedly didn't like Indians and was racist. Scout is currently on a work trip and is visiting Paris, London and Germany. 

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