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Marvel's Blade Might be Scheduled for a 2027 Release

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Dec 26, 1:24 PM   |   6 min read

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  • The release date of Marvel's Blade is reportedly set for 2027, so it may take a few years to arrive.

  • Fans are now anticipating further details regarding the game's development as a consequence of this.

  • Marvel's Blade may be launched for Xbox Series X/S in addition to being a launch title for the upcoming Xbox console generation, according to rumors.


For fans to finally play Arkane Lyon's next superhero game, Marvel's Blade, it appears they will have to wait at least three years. According to trusted insider Jeff Grubb, Marvel's Blade will debut in 2027. According to a developer's LinkedIn profile, the game has been in development for two years as of earlier this month. According to Grubb's most recent note, Arkane Lyon will need to invest six to seven years in creating a flawless game. 


This suggests that Marvel's Blade will likely launch on both Microsoft's upcoming console and the Xbox Series S|X at the same time as the new Xbox console. The absence of logos has raised concerns about the game's exclusivity, including whether it would just be accessible on the Xbox platform or if it will also be offered on the competing PlayStation format.


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Marvel’s Blade Game To Publish In 2027 At Earliest?



A cinematic trailer for Marvel's Blade was screened at the start of December during The Game Awards. Viewers would have seen that the teaser made no mention of the game's release date or the platforms it will be available on. The only official word is that Arkane Lyon, working with Marvel Games and backed by Bethesda, is "now in development" for Marvel's Blade. Some rumors have it that the game will be releasing as early as 2027. Marvel's Blade would have by far the longest development cycle of Arkane Lyon if this information proves to be correct. There will be a minimum of six years between releases as the studio's most recent game, Deathloop, was released in 2021. Long-term development should help Marvel's Blade, even though sibling company Arkane Austin took six years to complete Redfall after Prey, and the project ended with not-so-good results.


Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat claims that Arkane Lyon is aiming for a 2027 release date. Grubb made the following remarks regarding the release date in the most recent episode of The XboxEra Podcast:

Arkane’s Blade. If you’re looking to know when I can play that, then, right now internally, they’re expecting that to be sold on store shelves and digitally in the year 2027. That is the year they are aiming for with that game, at least as far as I know what Marvel is marking on their calendar… That means 2027 at the earliest; don’t expect it before that.


The excitement for Marvel's Blade is growing as more information are disclosed. Even though 2027 is still a long way off, it could get closer at any time. That being said, it wouldn't be surprising in the least if the 2027 estimate moved to the latter half of that year given the volume of content Arkane needs to produce. Given that it was also claimed that Marvel's Blade has been in development for longer than what the last video suggested, fans are hoping that the upcoming months will help disclose more about what the game's future contains.


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