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New Valorant Agent Teased With New Battlepass Codenamed Smoke Dancer

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Dec 26, 6:55 AM   |   6 min read

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  • According to the latest leaks, a new Valorant agent might be up for release in the upcoming month.

  • The code name of the agent is Smoke Dancer, which is expected to be a controller.

  • The last controller released was Harbor, which was released more than an year ago.


The next new agent for Valorant appears to be a controller, based on a recent leak of a player card that is part of Episode 8, Act 1 Battlepass. This comes after more than one year of the last controller release, Harbor. It has been a few months since Iso, the newest Agent, dropped in Valorant.


Prolific Valorant leak account ValorLeaks provided a sneak peek at the player card along with some more information regarding its likely release date and the introduction of a new Agent. According to their history of revealing information about games, leakers have retrieved codenames and details about this possible Agent in the future.


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When is Agent 25 Coming to Valorant?



The reports claim that Agent 25 will have an eye-catching look, drawing attention from both allies and opponents with her pink costume. Apart from their attractive appearance, the new agent will have the ability to capture opponents with pink-coloured smoke. The card that was leaked appears to be a shield with a moth or butterfly design on it. The agent is likely to be released in Episode 8, Act 2 by the leakers.


Riot Games debuted three new agents in Valorant this year: Gekko joined the Initiators, while Deadlock and Iso became Sentinels and Duelists, respectively. Given the lack of a new agent belonging to the Controller group and the details of Agent 25 that were recently leaked, it is assumed that this next agent will be classified under the Controller group.


Some rumours around the agent also came in early 2023, but instead of a controller, an initiator, Gekko was released in Episode 6. Two more agents were released after that and now we finally hear about "Smoke Dancer" again. Twitter account Mike Valorant Leaks and News had also stated that the agent will most likely be under development when it was mentioned in early 2023.



Hopefully, Agent 25 or "Smoke Dancer" brings in a new meta next year and we see more double controller compositions in VCT 2024, along with more usage of the newly released agents, hence, more exciting and thrilling games.


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