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Instagram Accounts of GodLike's Players Neyoo, ZGod And SPower Suspended; Reason Could Be Promotion of fake BGMI ID sellers

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Oct 5, 12:35 PM   |   6 min read

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  • GodLike's players Neyoo, ZGod, and SPower faces suspension on their Instagram accounts

  • According to speculations, the reason behind the suspension is promoting fake BGMI ID sellers on their handles

  • After the termination, no official statement has been released by the players or by GodLike Esports


With all the controversies between GodLike Esports' owner, Kronten, and S8UL Esports, players from GodLike Esports cannot seem to catch a break. Latest reports suggest that some players from the org have had their Instagram account banned. While the reason remains uncertain, speculations state that the termination resulted from promoting sellers of BGMI IDs and unethical Telegram groups. 


Before the termination, a few members from the Indian gaming community shared that professional players like Neyoo and ZGod allegedly promoted BGMI ID sellers. While the basis of the claims seemed unfounded, screenshots revealed that these players were sharing Telegram links on their broadcasting channels and stories. After the termination of their account, GodLike Esports has shared a statement on the matter.


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Instagram Accounts of GodLike's BGMI Players Neyoo, ZGod, and Spower Suspended


During the internal dispute between GodLike's management and BGMI players, Neyoo was seen live on his YouTube channel, where he talked about his and his teammates' future in GodLike. During the livestream, a few comments by Neyoo triggered the community's stakeholders and spectators, which escalated the situation. While Neyoo was facing backlash for his remarks, he, alongside his teammates ZGod and Spower, got their Instagram accounts terminated. 


The organisation's official statement reads:

"Dear Community,

We regret to inform you that several creators' Instagram accounts have been deleted due to their promotion of unethical practices. Despite our organization's repeated warnings and guidance against such activities, these creators chose to disregard our advice and continued their involvement in these wrong practices.

As a result, we have taken necessary actions against these creators to uphold the integrity of our community and ensure that our platform remains a safe and ethical space for all users."


It has been a long week for GodLike and its members with their controversies with S8UL, drop-clash with Global Esports, facing backlash for making negative remarks onstream, and then getting their Instagram accounts terminated.  

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