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Elon Musk Booed at Valorant Champions Tournament

JJ Rankin  |   Aug 28, 8:50 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Elon Musk was recently spotted at the Valorant Championship 2023 hosted by Riot Games in California

  • The tech billionaire was reportedly booed by the audiences when he was shown on screen.

  • Musk's major rebrand of Twitter to "X" has been met with great resistance.

The Valorant Champions event saw a spate of celebs, A-listers and famous creators in attendance, including Ben Affleck. The world Valrorant championship hosted by Riot Games also saw some non-competing pro players and popular streamers. However, one of the attendees drew a strong reaction from the public.


Elon Musk attended the Valorant Champions tournament yesterday in California's Inglewood Stadium along with one of his younger kids and was heckled by people in the crowd. Musk stopped by what seemed to be the influencer area of the tournament, near the Kia Forum. When one of the cameras showed the tech honcho on the screen, the crowd reportedly started chanting "bring back Twitter". Although it's not clear how Musk reacted to the boos from the audience, the commentators reportedly had a hearty laugh about the incident.



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'Why Is Elon Musk At Champs?' Ask Attendees at the Valorant Champions Tour




Musk is a controversial figure in the tech industry at the moment. The SpaceX founder has received substantial backlash after his chaotic decisions at Twitter, recently renamed X. His decision to rename the social media platform, the rampant layoffs, the removal of the block feature and the other big changes have not been received well by the public. Moreover, Musk recently talked about how X may fail after a recent glitch caused pictures posted before December 2014 to be deleted.



“WHY IS ELON MUSK AT CHAMPS,” one social media user wrote on X. Another user shared a video of Musk trying to get to his seat at the Evil Geniuses and Paper Rex match. Interestingly The X headquarters is located in San Fransisco only a few hours away from the Inglewood stadium, where the event was being held. Twitter has in the past worked with Riot Games, for the League of Legends World Championship and the launch of Arcane. However, the collaborations took place before Musk took over the company.


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