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"Goblin is not going anywhere", 8bit Thug Dismisses Rumours Of Goblin Leaving

Aaryanshi Mohan  |   Sep 16, 7:48 AM   |   6 min read

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  • 8bit Thug said Goblin is not leaving Team Soul.

  • He requested his audience not to fall for rumours.

  • Goblin is benched right now but is still a part of the active roster.


When Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal joined Team SouL, people knew how good he was but he really showed his skills in BMPS 2022 where he helped his team lift the trophy. Since then, the game has been banned for a year, and 2023 is about a series of third-party and official events. However, the form that Goblin showed this year was not similar to what it was last year. Eventually, Neyoo was seen playing and Goblin got benched.


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Thug Quashes Rumours Of Goblin Leaving Team SouL



Goblin was not in the playing four for a long time, which gave birth to rumours that he would be leaving Team SouL because he was also seen playing with other teams. In a live stream, 8bit Thug, co-owner of S8UL Esports, addressed the rumours and said that Goblin is not leaving the team till he says he wants to.


Goblin is not going to leave Team Soul at least for the next 8-9 months, unless we go for a complete roster reshuffle. Team Soul’s current lineup is performing well and the fans should let them continue for now. Goblin has our full support. We have upgraded his lifestyle outside the game and he is able to fulfil his mother's dreams. I am talking with the players on a daily basis since they have arrived from BGMS. You guys should stop following these rumours and speculations about buyouts and transfers.


Thug also said that they believe in total transparency. He said that if a player, especially Goblin leaves, we will be the first ones to inform the audience. He also added


Also, we will keep Goblin in our team till the time he says I need to leave. If he says he wants to leave he can go, but for now Goblin wants to stay with this team and he is happy over here.


Thug addressed Goblin's form and said that the team knows that Goblin is going through a phase and they're doing everything they can to help him out. Thug said that Goblin knows that he's done it in the past, and can do it again, as well.

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