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A Peek Into Mayavi's Journey With Global Esports

Aaryanshi Mohan  |   Sep 19, 12:37 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Mayavi wanted to create a team tha shared the same vision as Global Esports.

  • Shadow was filling in as the IGL when Mavi was ill.

  • The team is currently not playing together after a subpar performance at BGIS 2023.


Global Esports' new BGMI lineup led by Mavi was destined to be a hit. With players like Shadow, Noob, Darklord, and Ninjaboi, the buzz around the roster was deafening. Though Mavi didn't play in the first tournament after the team was formed, the team performed exceptionally well under the IGL-ing of Shadow and the guidance of Mayavi. In a conversation with Gossip.gg, Shubham 'Mayavi' Chawla details what went into making this star-studded lineup. 


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Mayavi Explains The Thought Process For Making GE's BGMI Lineup



Global Esports got back into BGMI by first roping in Mavi as the IGL. Mayavi then joined as the coach and together, they set out to make a team that would be able to top the leaderboards and make their fans proud. Mayavi believed that this team was capable of doing the unthinkable and it would have been a great time for Mavi to prove himself. Mayavi said that he wanted to make a lineup with just one goal: win. 


"I don't know if we will win or not, but I wanted to make a team that shared the core values that the organisation, Mavi, and I shared. We needed the players to have the same hunger as us and the lineup looked very strong on paper."


When asked if Mavi could return to the form that he was in when he was with OR and represented India on the global stage, Mavi showed a lot of optimism and said that it could happen and all we can hope for are performances that are better than those back in the day. 


"I don't know if he will come to that level, but I am hopeful that he will. He also feels that he is ready to take on the new talent and wants to perform to the best of his abilities. I see that drive in him, and would want him to succeed."


After qualifying for Week 1 of BGIS 2023 The Grind, fans expected phenomenal gameplay from the team in the coming weeks, but the team was struggling until BGMS 2023. That is where the team performed exceptionally well and everyone assumed that the team would continue the same form. However, come Round 2 of BGIS 2023, the team failed to qualify, and things looked dark for the team. Reflecting on the same, Mayavi said that they wanted to perform better. 


"I am on the fence about this performance, and I hope the team does better in the days to come. They should have performed better but it is a new lineup, and trusting each other takes a little bit of time. I was sure that once the players got devices and they adapted to it, the performance would come out."


Before closing the conversation with Gossip.gg, Mayavi said that since Mavi was ill when BGMS Season 2 took place, Shadow was leading the team from the front and was incredible with his calls. 


For the time being, Global Esports doesn't have a BGMI lineup and has bid farewell to all of their male, female, and academy lineups. Mayavi also confirmed the same and said that because of the controversies that surrounded the team and other factors, the lineups were disbanded and he hopes to have a better future when he joins a team again. 

An avid battle royale player with a special love for BGMI, Aaryanshi prefers mobile gaming over PC. When not grinding in BGMI, you can find her writing or escaping outside.




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