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Global Esports' Vatsal Uniyal Opens Up About Getting Mavi And Mayavi As IGL And Coach For BGMI Squad

Aaryanshi Mohan  |   Aug 4, 9:28 AM   |   6 min read

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Global Esports marked their return to BGMI Esports with two major announcements: The addition of Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh as the IGL and the return of Shivam "Mayavi" as the coach. After the announcement, Global Esports slowly made its way into scrims before finally revealing its roster on the match day of BGIS 2023 The Grind Round 1. sat down with Vatsal Uniyal, Global Esports' Head of Esports to understand what went into making this BGMI roster.


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"It is just the vision that we carry," Vatsal on the new team and getting back Mayavi



Global Esports ruled the competitive scene in 2022 with a roster that was mostly trained by Mayavi. But when the game got banned, GE had to make a tough call and much like many other organisations, they bid farewell to their roster. With this, Mayavi also bid farewell to the organisation as the coach. Now, getting Mayavi back was well thought out and a tried and tested route to success. Vatsal promptly said there were no second thoughts about getting Mayavi back.


"I will tell you this... This vision of working with a team that wants to do something great started when I came on board and talked to Mayavi for the first time with the previous roster. With the return of the game, I was very clear about who I needed to go back to in order to get the results we at GE wanted"


With a new lineup, there are new challenges and all focus shifts to Mayavi, whether he can do it again and not be called a one-hit wonder. Vatsal showed full faith in his coach's ability and said he knows what he has been doing and what he has to do on the road to victory. 


"I have full faith in Mayavi, he can do it again. In the last few years that we have worked together, we have aligned our vision and goal. We know what we are capable of."


Global Esports has been one of the best teams in BGMI and the new lineup had huge shoes to fill. There is always that chemical X that is required to complete the blend of gunplay, rotations and communication in a team. According to Vatsal, when they were making the team, they wanted players who shared the same values as them.


"We needed players who were as hungry for the win as we are. We needed them to be focused from the get-go. The drive and commitment that Global Esports has, we needed our players to share the same, and I truly think this team has all of those."


In the three matches that Global Esports had to qualify for Round 2, the first two matches were average and every GE fan out there was on the edge of their seat as the team landed in Sanhok. However, with enough finish and placement points, Global Esports made it to the next stage.



With the team and coach ready, Global Esports now has to focus on one thing that every team requires. Coordination. This is where Mavi and Mayavi come into the picture and build the team. Global Esports just about made it to the second round of BGIS 2023 The Grind in nail-bitingly close fashion but Mavi is known for his impeccable skills and Vatsal has no doubts that it will only get better.


"With every new team, there is a need for building synergy and coordination and I am sure it will come as time passes by. The team is fairly new, and according to me, it is getting there. We know how everyone works, and we are just trying to join the dots." 


Before ending the conversation, Vatsal was sure to remind Global Esports' fans that the time for hustling is over, and it is time for them to deliver to their audience and said "We have had enough of GE Fighting and we are now focused on GE Winning."


Global Esports' male and female lineups are currently playing in the BGIS 2023 The Grind and the organization is looking to make its way into the main event, which will be a LAN. 

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