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New Valorant Leaks Suggest New Map Could be Unveiled Soon

Kushal Bhattacharya  |   Aug 16, 7:48 AM   |   6 min read

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A recent leak has surfaced on the internet showcasing a small clip that hints at an upcoming map for Valorant. While the short clip does not offer much in-depth information, it will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing lore. Lotus was the last map introduced to Valorant back in Episode 6 Act 1. Since then, fans have had their fair share of issues with balancing when playing competitively.


Currently, Riot follows a seven-map pool in the game. With every new map, an old map is taken out of the pool and set to rework. With another addition possibly coming to the collection, fans are in for another map pool shift.


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Valorant is Reportedly Set to Add a New Map to the Rotation



Prominent leaker and content creator who goes by the tag of @VALORANTLeaksEN on X shared a small clip mentioning it as the new map teaser for the game. The 47 seconds clip shows a small cinematic teaser where the Sentinel Deadlock visits Cypher with a USB flash drive in his van. Upon examining the data inside, the latter finds a clip of Kingdom soldiers transferring Radianites through a portal. Fans deeply indulged in the game's lore will recognize the rivalry between the two worlds. However, you must wait until Riot drops official information on the map.


The teaser does not reveal any codename or location for the upcoming map; however, if the leaks were to be believed, the new map could replace an existing one, alongside Icebox also returning to the queue. There has been no official information on the map switch; however, fans are speculating Ascent or Haven to leave the pool, considering Riot Games started reworking and picking their oldest maps.


The developers have always been cautious regarding reworking and tweaking their maps. In the past, even newer maps like Pearl and Fracture saw minor tweaks after fans repeatedly complained about the unbalanced state of specific areas. With another map coming to the roster, fans expect a much-balanced arena, as it will be a crucial part of the competitive playlist. Fans can expect the leaked Valorant map to drop by Episode 7 Act 2, after the official reveal. Until then, readers must wait patiently and enjoy the competitive playlist that includes Bind, Ascent, Split, Fracture, Lotus, Pearl, and Haven.

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