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Xbox Unveils New "Console Wraps" for Xbox Series X, Introducing a New Starfield and Camo Cover Options

Kushal Bhattacharya  |   Aug 22, 10:55 AM   |   6 min read

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Microsoft recently announced brand new console wraps for Xbox Series X consoles, featuring various options for the users. One option also includes the exclusive Starfield wrap, which will release on October 18, 2023, and costs $49.99, with the rest of the designs dropping on November 10, 2023. These wraps can be attached around the consoles with the help of the velcro hook, covering the entire exterior of the console.

Fans will now get a variety of options for decorating their Xbox devices than purchasing an entire limited edition console. These wraps are one of the first few options from Microsoft when it comes to offering fans an option to customize their Series X device.

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Starfield and Other Xbox Series X Wrap Options



According to Senior Design Director at Xbox Monique Chatterjee, the outlined access panel and game-inspired graphics highlight the critical components of the device. The graphics printed on the cover's exterior are white for the Starfield wrap, with the entire design sharing a retro spacecraft look. The Xbox logo is highlighted with a rainbow design, contributing to the different magnitudes of the spaceship. The logo also highlights the 'Power' indicator of a spacecraft, a telltale feature. The Starfield logo goes on the back of the wrap, and the sides cover critical details like equipment panels of the ship and some related notes written on them. Users can unfasten the wrap anytime to clean it. According to Microsoft, these covers are straightforward to handle and do not require much maintenance.

These customizable wraps also directly compete with the removable side panels that Sony's PS5 offers. While the latter has exclusive options like the Spider-Man consoles, it is yet to be seen what does the Xbox makers have in their pipeline. The last time Microsoft allowed users to customize their consoles was when they could remove the face plate from Xbox 360. Since then, this is the first time Xbox owners can customize their devices. Although the wraps can be slightly limiting, it offers many options. These official custom looks can go beyond the Starfield designs, giving users options for Arctic and Mineral camos. With the first set of designs dropping in 2023 Q4, the Xbox makers have promised more designs in the future.


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