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Xbox is Increasing Prices for Xbox Series X. Game Pass After All

Rahul Bhushan  |   Jun 22, 7:27 AM   |   5 min read

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Reports from earlier in the week suggested that Xbox will be looking to maintain the prices of its subscription service and console after the Activision merger, it seems like they're increasing prices anyway. It has been reported that Xbox increased the price of the Xbox Series X in August in regions outside of the US, Japan, Chile, Brazil, and Colombia. 


The price for the Xbox Series X was already hiked in India earlier this year where it is now available for Rs 55, 490 - matching the PS5. It will be interesting to see if Indian prices also see a similar hike, which could essentially make a huge dent in the console's appeal in the country. In addition to console prices, the Game Pass is also available starting at Rs 379 per month. The subscription service was previously available for Rs 349 per month.


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Xbox Could Price Themselves Out of the Indian Market for Good



Xbox has been on a slow roll this console generation, getting off to a good start with the launch of the Xbox Game Pass and the PC Game Pass. In addition to the subscription service, the first-party game rollout from Microsoft has been a little jagged, with a steady flow in the months after launch, and a steady slowdown in the following year.


The Xbox Game Pass has been crucial to the brand's success worldwide, especially in India. At Rs 54,990 - the Xbox Series X is still on the higher end of the price spectrum as the console doesn't nearly match up to the similarly-priced PS5 in terms of first-party games.


Given that the Xbox Series X is already priced similarly to the PS5 in India, it is unlikely that is to change soon. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft chooses to handle prices in India in the coming few months. 

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