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When Is Magikarp Going To Be Launched In Pokemon Unite?

Bryan "Dracorexia" Francis  |   Jan 2, 6:17 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Pokemon Unite hypes up 2024 with first new Pokemon announcement.

  • From base stats of 200 to a Mega Evolved beast at 640, Gyarados is a true underdog.

  • Remember the iconic Red Gyarados? Gen 2's first static shiny encounter joins the fun.


2024 is here and it looks like Pokemon Unite has big plans in store for gamers, including the introduction of Magikarp into the mix. The popular Pokemon first made its debut in Pokemon Red and Blue and quickly gained a reputation as one of the weakest Pokemon in the game. 


Pokemon Unite has been one of the most popular MOBA games around since its launch and the game had a pretty strong 2023, amassing a solid player base on the back of steady content drops, esports tournaments, and live service updates. The game will wat to keep the ball rolling in 2024, introducing more Pokemon like Magikarp and its downright terrifying Evolution compatriot. 


When Is Magikarp Coming to Pokemon Unite?


Magikarp is one of the most popular Pokemon in the world. Since its introduction in the first Pokemon games, Red and Blue. He was known for being one of the weakest Pokemon in the game. Magikarp's stats in the game aren't exactly impressive, coming in at a low 200, one of the lowest stat totals of any Pokémon. Yet, Magikarp remains one of the most popular characters in the franchise owing to its evolution - Gyarados. 


Known for its incredible stature in the games, Gyarados has been one Pokemon everyone wishes to use in any Pokemon game. Magikarp evolves into Gyarados at level 20. Magikarp is a pure water-type Pokemon that gains the flying type once it evolves. From having a base stat total of 200, Gyarados now has a base stat total of 540 with its Mega Evolution clocking in at 640.

Gyarados is famous in the Pokemon community due to the Red Gyarados episode in the Gen 2 games of Pokemon. This was the first time players could catch a shiny Pokemon as a static encounter in the Lake of Rage. Pokemon Unite has announced that Magikarp will be available from the 25th of January this year.Taking a look at some information we already have about Magikarp from the public beta server, it will have two moves which are Splash and Flail. After evolving in Gyarados, it can select between Aqua Tail or Dragon Breath as its first move and Waterfall or Bounce as its second move.


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