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Valorant To Add First New Weapon Since Launch: Everything Known About The 'Outlaw' So Far

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Dec 23, 1:25 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Rumors that a new weapon named Outlaw would soon be available in Valorant have been doing the rounds for a while.

  • Based on new leaks that have been making the rounds on social media, those rumors are correct.

  • The Outlaw might soon be released in the following weeks in Episode 8 of Valorant.

Riot Games constantly keeps bringing in changes in Valorant to keep the Meta interesting and fresh. When the game was first released, there were only four maps and 11 agents with just five that could be played immediately. There are now eleven maps in Valorant and players can select from more than twenty agents. Riot Games hasn't tried releasing new guns, even though it consistently releases agents, maps, and skins for its gun collection. 


This is set to change as there have been leaks and rumors of a new sniper being developed that will soon be made public. Soon, Outlaw will join the group of Valorant's snipers. Episode 8 will probably be the Outlaw's debut episode. This weapon might sound like the Chamber meta making a comeback. Like the Shorty, the Outlaw can reportedly fire two shots at once. Any opponent wearing half armor can be eliminated with a single shot.


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New Valorant Outlaw Sniper: Specifications, Price, And More



The Outlaw is a sniper rifle that looks like it is meant to be used as a halfway point between Valorant's two current snipers, the Marshal at 950 Credits and the Operator at 4700 Credits. The Outlaw may arrive just in time to throw the meta off as Premier officially begins its journey to Contender and as the VCT 2024 Season commences. Episode 8 is scheduled to broadcast on January 10 and is expected to launch without any animated skins. With Riot bringing new changes to the game, the new meta for the upcoming tournaments will look refreshing.


The weapon is said to cost players up to about 2400 credits. This would put it at almost half as much as the Operator. Although the weapon's official specifications on its workings are still pending, we can determine from the leaked photos that it looks different from the Marshal's sleek single barrel. However, the weapon is not expected to be as heavy as the Operator. The double barrels indicate that the Outlaw will fire two shots at once, much like the Shorty, according to the Valorant Updates Twitter account. This is said to be this weapon's primary function according to the leaks.


This year, fans saw multiple teams go from full shields to half shields in the current meta of the game. The Outlaw thus appears as a counter to the players' half-shield strategy. It's also important to note that in the game, a single gunshot to the body from this weapon is expected to deal 140 damage, which means that a player can be killed in one shot. Fans will have to wait a little longer to experience the Outlaw as Episode 8 approaches.



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