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Total Gaming aka Ajju Bhai Reveals His Face And Name

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Dec 30, 4:18 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Total Gaming reveals his face and name, Ajendra Variya, after five years, creating a historic YouTube moment.

  • Face reveal video surpasses 8 million views, trending at the top on YouTube.

  • Ajju Bhai's journey is showcased in the face revelation video, addressing challenges and social norms in collaboration with Intel.

Total Gaming, or Ajju Bhai, is among the most successful and renowned personalities in the Indian gaming community. After five years of a successful journey as a content creator, Total Gaming revealed his face and name for the first time to his 37.5 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel. Total Gaming, popularly known by his alias, Ajju Bhai, revealed his name as Ajendra Variya. 


Total Gaming created history after revealing his name on YouTube, as the video crossed 8 million views and 1.4 million likes within the first 10 hours and secured its spot on top of the YouTube trending page. In the face reveal video, Ajendra Variya showcased how he battled against social norms to pursue his career in gaming.


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Total Gaming Face Reveal Video Crosses 8 Million Views On YouTube, Sits Atop Trending Page



Ajendra Variya created his YouTube channel five years ago and uploaded content around the popular game Free Fire. Ajendra uploaded his first YouTube video titled "Free Fire: EPIC WIN! Total 24 Kills SQUAD Match Best Highlights Gameplay" on 02 December 2018. After uploading his first video, Ajendra never looked back and continued his journey to become one of the top gaming creators in India without revealing his face or name.


Ajendra Variya created the face reveal video in collaboration with Intel where he entered the gaming world as himself to showcase his virtues and challenges as a gamer. Ajju Bhai created thousands of videos around Free Fire, GTA 5, and popular titles like God Of War throughout his career. He also collaborated with popular creators like Ajey "CarryMinati" Nagar.


Later in the face revelation video, Ajju Bhai talks about proving himself as a gamer in front of his parents to gain their trust. He also mentions several social norms against gaming as barriers to his career path and how he successfully navigated them to become the top gaming creator. In the end, Ajju Bhai revealed his face and name to his 37.5 million YouTube family and expressed his gratitude towards his fans. 


The face reveal video also featured a look at Total Gaming 2.0, meaning Ajendra Variya will look forward to revamping himself as a creator. Since his five-year-long journey comprised himself behind the screen, Ajendra might create content or stream with his face-cam as a part of Total Gaming 2.0.

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