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Tekken 8 Trailer at Gamescom Opening Night Live: Release Date, New Single Player Mode

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Aug 22, 7:23 PM   |   6 min read

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The director of Tekken Project, Katsuhiro Harada, flew from Japan to Cologne, Germany, at Gamescom Opening Night Live to reveal the newest Tekken 8 trailer. The game will feature  32 unique fighters, a new single-player mode, arcade quests and character customizations. The game will be launched on January 26, 2023. The highlight of the new Tekken 8 will be the story mode, where over time, the gameplay will adapt to the player with the help of AI infuse self-learning. 


Over the past few weeks, Tekken has been sharing trailers of the fighters like Azucena and Raven featured in Tekken 8 on their social media handles while the Closed Network Test of the game was underway. 


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Tekken 8 to Feature A New Single Player Mode, Arcade Quests and AI Integration Gameplay



Tekken has ruled the fighting game community with a steady offering of some of the most iconic fighting games over the course of the past 2 decades. Tekken has been a major mainstay within the fighting game genre and has helped pave the way for fighting games to become one of the most popular esports communities with a flourishing esports ecosystem. Tekken 8 has a massive challenge ahead this year, going up against the likes of both Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kobat 1 vying for the fighting game throne. 



With the new arcade quest, old-school gamers can cherish the arcade environment, and new generations of players can get a taste of the same. Apart from the game mode, it will be interesting to see the AI integration in the game, which will tweak the gameplay with the help of self-learning. Tekken 8 will be live on January 26, 2024, and players can play the game on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PCs.


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