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Indus Gameplay Reveal: SuperGaming Shares "Frag Compilation" of Upcoming Made-in-India Battle Royale

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Oct 19, 2:45 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Super Gaming shares Indus Battle Royale's frag compilation video, showcasing Virlok's blend of futuristic elements with Indus Valley.

  • Frag compilation showcases advanced weaponry, seamless mechanics, and a vibrant, diverse Virlok map.

  • Super Gaming's upcoming Battle Stars includes Techno Gamerz as an in-game hero for multiplayer battles.

Amid the long wait by fans, Super Gaming finally shared a frag compilation of their upcoming title, Indus Battle Royale. Indus is a battle royale game developed by the Indian gaming studio Super Gaming. The compilation helps the fans get some idea about the mechanics, gameplay, and utility present in the game. Indus Battle Royale is a fusion of futuristic developments and inspiration from Indus Valley Civilisation, calling it the "Indo-Futurism" world. The game is set on the map of Virlok and can be played in first-person and third-person perspective. 


Fans can pre-register the game on Google Play Store to secure pre-registration rewards. Fans will receive the rewards after the pre-registration number hits a certain threshold. Here is the list of prizes, which are based on the number of pre-registrations:

  • Glory Frame (0.5 Million)
  • Cosmium Gun Skin (1 Million)
  • Mystery Paragon Skin (2 Million)
  • Exclusive Paragon Skin (5 Million)
  • Legendary Crate (10 Million)


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Indus Battle Royale Gameplay Trailer



Indus Battle Royale frag movie is a 48-second compilation showcasing the guns, movement, recoil, environment and more. When looking at the frag collection, the first thing that comes to mind is the firearm mechanics. A few guns shown in the frag movie are A27 Loctus, SFR 4, Trident 25, Tempest CFA, and Vantage. While shooting the guns, little to no recoil was visible, with some firing errors while moving. 


One key thing to notice was the damage done to the enemies. Players will be able to see the amount of damage their weaponry does when their bullet makes any contact with the enemies. The guns will have attachments like scope and magazine, and the attachments icon will light up if attached to the weapon. After killing, players can loot their enemies from their crates.


The highlight consists of the map of Virlok, which features futuristic buildings and vehicles alongside a prominent amount of vegetation. Players can play the game in first-person and third-person perspectives with various characters inspired by Indian mythology. While Super Gaming is releasing details about different aspects of the game, fans are eagerly waiting for them to announce the release of Indus Battle Royale. 


Indus Battle Royale is under development by Super Gaming, an Indian gaming studio that won the "Game Development Studio of the Year" award at India Gaming Today. Alongside Indus Battle Royale, Super Gaming plans to launch another title named Battle Stars. Battle Stars will be a multiplayer game featuring quick battle royale games and 4v4 team deathmatch. The game will have the popular gaming YouTuber Techno Gamerz as an in-game hero. While the game is not out yet, fans can pre-register Battle Stars on Google Play Store. 

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