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Starfield Mantis Secret Outpost Quest Walkthrough And Mantis Floor Puzzle Solution

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Oct 9, 3:17 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Mantis Secret Outpost Quest is one of the early quest which is recommended to complete at before level 20

  • To complete the Mantis Secret Outpost Quest, one needs to explore the spacers body carefully for clues

  • On completing the Mantis Secret Outpost Quest, players will receive a Mantis' Spacesuit and Mantis' Spaceship, Razorleaf


If someone is starting with Bethesda's latest game, Starfield, experienced players recommend newbies to complete the Mantis quest when the players are around level 15. The Mantis quest is one of the early missions players can activate after completing "Back To Vetera." Apart from fighting the spacers, players must thoroughly explore once they reach Denebola I-b, as one of the spacer's messages will be helpful to complete the Mantis puzzle and enter the Lair of the Mantis. 


Here is a quick Mantis' Secret Quest Walkthrough for all the explorers looking forward to decoding the Mantis puzzle and getting their hands on Mantis' Spacesuit and Mantis' Starship, Razorleaf for free.


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How To Complete Mantis' Secret Outpost Quest in Starfield 


Starfield Secret Outpost Slate


To get started with the Secret Outpost Quest, one needs to look for 'Secret Outpost!' Slate in their inventory and read it. 'Secret Outpost!' slate is present with one of the pirates from the previous planet. If the slate isn't in the inventory, one must wait a little and explore the worlds from the "Back to Vectera" quest.


Go To The Secret Outpost at Denebola I-B


Starfield Denebola I-B


After reading the slate, the next objective will be to visit the planet Denebola I-B. To reach the planet, follow the mission markers on the Starmap. After arriving, as mentioned in the objective, head towards the Secret Outpost at the South Pole of Denebola I-B. On landing, one must defeat a few spacers before entering the Secret Outpost.


Lookout For Intercom Messages and Slates from the Spacers


Starfield Livvey Secret Outpost


Once inside the Secret Outpost, look for the automated messages from Doriane Volcaine and note slates from spacers. These messages and slate will help complete the "Learn more about the Lair of the Mantis" optional objective. On moving further, players will encounter Livvey, who will provide clues to a corridor. After interacting with Livvey, one can ask him to tag along or kill him. On sending him away, Livvey will start shooting. 


Solving Starfield Mantis Floor Puzzle


Starfield Mantis Floor Puzzle


On reaching the corridor, players will encounter a lettered panel floor in a hall. One must step on the correct panels to get to the other side, or the 46-level turrets will activate and fire on the player. Players can decode the puzzle by collecting the "Leon Voclain - Sic Semper Tyrannis" slate from the spacer Leon. On listening carefully, Leon's mom repeatedly calls out the puzzle code "TYRANNIS." Step on the plates spelling out the word "TYRANNIS" and reach on the other side.


Claim the Mantis' Spacesuit and Mantis' Starship


Starfield Mantis Spaceship Razorleaf


After completing the puzzle and fighting a few robots and turrets, head towards the storage room in the left corner by following the objective marker. The Mantis' Spacesuit will be in a display case and interact with the mannequin to claim it. Now follow the walkways towards the Mantis' Lair to unlock and lift the Mantis' Starship Razorleaf to the surface by interacting with lift control panels. After following the mission marker, enter the Razorleaf cockpit and take off with Razorleaf as the home ship. 

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