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Sony Announces PS5 Cricket 24 Bundle: Game Releases on October 5

Rahul Bhushan  |   Sep 26, 6:17 AM   |   6 min read

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  • The PS5 Cricket 24 Bundle's price has not been announced yet.

  • Cricket 24 by BigAnt Studios comes out on October 5, 2023.

  • The bundle appears to be exclusively available for the Indian market.

Sony has announced a new PS5 Cricket 24 Bundle, although no price has been revealed just yet. The game is scheduled to come out on October 5, 2023 and is poised to be one of the biggest sports game releases in the country. It would appear that this is a bundle exclusive to India and given the popularity of Cricket games in the country, it is no surprise. Curiously, players have been able to see little to nothing about the game from Big Ant despite the release date being only mere weeks away.


Sony has not yet announced a pre-order or release date for the PS5 bundle so details remain scarce as of the time of reporting. Players can expect the bundle to be priced identically to some of Sony's other bundes, if not perhaps even a little cheaper. Sony is going to be running an introductory offer on the PS5 EA Sports FC 24 bundle through October, offering a Rs 11,200 discount on the disc edition EA FC 24 bundle. It would stand to reason that Cricket 24 might also see a similar introductory discount.


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PlayStation is Big on Engaging with Indian Audiences 



The PS5 has been a roaring success in the country and PlayStation has made active efforts with regards to engaging with Indian audiences over the past couple of years. For one, the in-person live PlayStation sale events and the PlayStation India Youtube Channel have been met with largely positive reception and the audience values the console manufacturer taking this particular market seriously. 


Without any real presence from Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox are the two biggest players in the console space in the country. Over the years, Xbox's presence in India has taken a massive hit, leaving room for Sony to take over in a big way, which they have. In the last few years, PlayStation has developed a solid foothold in the country and the introduction of bundles such as Cricket 24 is bound to play a major part in developing an even stronger one. 

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