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Renowned Influencer Nobita Gaming Joins Maverik

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   May 14, 1:50 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Rakesh Mhatre, popularly known as Nobita Gaming, joins Maverik as an influencer.

  • Over five years, Nobita Gaming gathered 130K subscribers on YouTube and 23K followers on Instagram.

  • Nobita Gaming talks about how being an influencer helped him transform his passion into a career.

Rakesh Mhatre, popularly known as Nobita Gaming partners with Bengaluru-based talent management company - Mavkerik. With Nobita Gaming joining Maverik, he will work alongside the talent agency to create exciting content via brand collaborations. After the announcement, fans congratulated the creator for his collaboration and are waiting for new content from the partnership. Maverik acts as a bridge between influencers and brands, helping creators and brands tap into newer and larger audiences. Some popular Maverik collaborations include Viewsonic’s partnership with Reckoning Esports and renowned creators like Harshkhelraay, TBone Gaming, and Zeref


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Nobita Gaming Partners With Popular Gaming Talent Management Agency Maverik



Nobita Gaming started his creator journey five years ago streaming games like PUBG Mobile. Over the past few years, Nobita Gaming has several significant significant achievements under his belt, including crossing 100K subscribers on YouTube, securing top 100 Conqueror rank in BGMI and associating with renowned brands like BenQ, Lenovo and Intel. When Nobita Gaming was asked about how he got started with his creator journey, he said:


From childhood, I’ve enjoyed playing various PC and mobile games. My passion for gaming has grown over the years, leading me to consider sharing clips and streaming on YouTube. I aimed to stay true to myself and be genuine on this platform, which quickly connected me with more people.


Headed by Sana Saiyyada, Maverik has been active within the games industry for the past year. Speaking on their recent talent acquisition, Saiyyada had this to add: 


We are ecstatic about working with Nobita Gaming, one of the most popular emerging regional talents in the Indian gaming community. At Maverik, we specialize in providing curated brand solutions for influencer marketing. Our mission statement from day one has to been to create an environment where brands and talent can grow together.


Over five years, Nobita Gaming gathered 130K subscribers on YouTube and 23K followers on Instagram. After growing his fanbase, Nobita Gaming started creating IRL content, which was well-received by his fans. When he was asked to share “a pivotal moment or a significant challenge in his journey”, he shared:


Throughout this journey, I faced numerous challenges. Firstly, convincing my middle-class family about pursuing gaming as a career was difficult, as they prioritised conventional paths. Last year, one of my channels got hacked. However, reaching 100K subscribers on YouTube made it all worthwhile. It led to collaborations with brands that appreciated my work and expanded my connections.



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