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FAU-G: Domination; New Gameplay Trailer, Features, and More

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Nov 10, 7:07 AM   |   6 min read

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  • FAU-G Domination Team Deathmatch teaser is out.

  • FAU-G Domination teaser features the gameplay, machinery and characters to be present in the game.

  • The release date of FAU-G Domination is yet to be revealed by nCore Games.


nCore Games is back with a new teaser for their military shooter, FAU-G Domination. After revealing their upcoming title, fans waited months for nCore Games and dot9 Games to unveil the game. FAU-G Domination showcases the game's newer aspects like guns, characters, maps, etc. Since the game is based on Team Deathmatch, FAU-G Domination will be a direct competitor to Call of Duty: Mobile and might have esports potential. 


The original game, FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards, was teased after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India. Later, the game went online in January 2021, with the popular Indian actor Akshay Kumar being the brand ambassador of the game. While the publishers and Akshay Kumar created a lot of hype around the game, the bland gameplay resulted in tons of negative criticism from fans and critics. 


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FAU-G Domination Gameplay Teaser Is Out



FAU-G Domination is in the works at nCore Games and Dot9 Games. While the gameplay teaser is out, nCore Games is yet to announce the game's launch date. The teaser showcases different aspects of the games and introduces the fans to the characters in the game: Vegh, Saya, Mazhala, Dhillon, Chief, and Kiran. Players can assume the role of either of the operators and enter the arena.


Different machineries of the game can be seen in the teaser, which comes with different skins and buddies. Players can equip new skins and add gun buddies to their weapons. Guns that are visible in the teaser are pistols, assault rifles and snipers, which the players can customize. Apart from the gun, different sprays will be available for the gamers. 


FAU-G Domination will feature maps inspired by Indian states like Rajasthan, Andaman Island and Indian Mela. Fans can play Deathmatch in modes like 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. While the teaser seems captivating, one must remember the failure of FAU-G during its launch in 2021. Fearless and United Gua has over 50 Lakh downloads and a rating of 2.1/5 from 7 Lakh players. Responding to the negative reviews, Vishal Gondal, Founder of nCore Games, stated on Gadget360 that:


This is really quite unfortunate. We thought that being an Indian studio, we will receive support and encouragement from people. I can understand we are not five stars, but we are not one star either. I mean, we are somewhere in the middle right now.


FAU-G Domination will feature Team Deathmatch mode with Battle Royale mode in the works for the future. One will have to wait for nCore Games to release the title and see whether it is a step up from its predecessor.

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