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How To Hit The Griddy In EA FC 24

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Nov 27, 5:58 AM   |   6 min read

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  • The Griddy celebration is available to perform in EA FC 24.

  • In FC 24, The Griddy is known as Eyes and Arm celebration.

  • Apart from the Eyes and Arm celebrations, players can perform celebrations like All Ears by Messi and Suii by Ronaldo in FC 24.


In EA Sports FC 24, post-goal celebrations are one of the most fun things to do. Popular celebrations include Cristiano Ronaldo's Suiii spread, Lionel Messi's two fingers to the sky and All Ears, and Kylian Mbappe's two hands across the chest. Another unusual but fun celebration present in EA Sports FC 24 is the Griddy celebration. After originating as a trending dance move on TikTok, Greedy dance slowly crept into National League Football (NFL) and Pro Bowl 2023. In 2021, Fortnite introduced the Griddy dance moves as an emote, and in no time, the Griddy celebration was in FIFA 2023. 


Players can perform the Griddy celebration in FC 24 and need to use combinational controls to execute it. As the celebration is a bit unusual, the online FC 24 community considers it as a negative banter. Here is a quick guide to how to perform Griddy in EA Sports FC 24 using XBOX or PlayStation controllers. 


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How To Perform Griddy Celebration After Goals In EA Sports FC 24



In 2018, a high school footballer, Allen Davis, uploaded the dance on his TikTok. Later, the dance move went viral on the internet and was named after Davis' nickname, The Griddy. The Griddy is a dance step where an individual taps their heels alternately, either stationary or while moving, while simultaneously swinging their arms back and forth. While swinging their arms, the players make goggles with their fingers and wear them on their eyes. If one is searching for The Griddy in FC 24, they will find it under the name Eyes and Arms.


Performing The Griddy Using XBOX Controller In FC 24

  1. After hitting the goal, hold the RT.
  2. While holding the RT, flick the right analog stick up twice.


Performing The Griddy Using PlayStation Controller In FC 24

  1. After hitting the goal, hold the R2 trigger.
  2. While holding the R2, flick the right analog stick up twice.


Upon following the steps mentioned, players will be able to hit The Griddy or Eyes and Arms celebration after scoring a goal. Make sure not to press any prompts that appear on the screen while performing the celebration. Here are the key binds to some popular celebrations in EA Sports FC 24:


  • Rock On: Hold L2 + Press R3 (PS)/ Hold LT + Press Right Analog Stick Twice (Xbox)
  • Bye: Hold L1 + Press R3 (PS)/ Hold LB + Press Right Analog Stick Twice (Xbox)
  • Flex: Hold L1 + Press Square Button (PS)/ Hold LB + Press X (Xbox)
  • All Ears: Hold L1 + Press Triangle Button (PS)/ Hold LB + Press Y(Xbox)
  • Faking It: Hold L2 + Flick Right Analog Stick Twice (PS)/ Hold LT + Flick Right Analog Stick Twice (Xbox)


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