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How to Gain XP in EA FC Mobile: A Comprehensive Guide

Bryan "Dracorexia" Francis  |   Jan 29, 3:12 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Gaining XP helps players to level up their accounts and unlock new features in EA FC Mobile.

  • Completing milestones that involve VSA matches, H2H, and Manager Mode will also give you a significant XP boost.

  • These rewards can provide you with valuable XP and sometimes even rare players.


EA FC Mobile is the mobile version of EA FC that is available on PC and consoles. The game is quite different from the console variant. There are different promos as well as game modes that get released within the game. Each of the two games has its unique content calendar. The one major difference between both the games is how levelling up is crucial in EA FC Mobile when compared to EA FC. In this article let's take a look at various methods players can use to gain XP in EA FC Mobile.


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How Does XP Work in EA FC Mobile?



Gaining XP helps players to level up their accounts. By leveling up players can unlock the transfer market as well as various formations to use in the game. 

The first method by which players can gain XP is by completing daily quests. Performing these quests regularly provides high levels of experience, particularly when you hit certain daily points (40,60,100). After reaching a certain threshold players are provided with packs that contain XP in them.


The second method to unlock XP is by completing various milestones. Focus on completing milestones that involve VSA matches, H2H, and Manager Mode. These will significantly boost your XP progress. An example of a milestone could be when players reach gold in their H2H Division rivals.

The third method to gain more XP in EA FC Mobile is Division Rivals. Playing both VSA and H2H matches in Division Rivals daily brings consistent XP gains. Even if the player doesn’t win their games, they will gain a certain amount of experience in the game. It would be suggested for the player to Complete 10 matches in each mode. This might seem demanding but it's highly effective to level up quickly.

The final method that would involve playing matches is Challenge Mode. This is another game mode in EA FC Mobile. Within this players can play in various challenges to unlock certain rewards. Players should be utilizing Challenge Mode especially early in the game. It often involves PVP H2H matches that contribute to daily quest objectives and overall XP gains.

Activities to Gain XP in EA FC Mobile 


Train Players

Training XP is provided by each player. By filling their bar, you can level them up and give them player boosts as well as your total XP. This is a very common method that is used by players as this helps in removing a lot of player fodder.

Sell Unused Players

Do not keep unwanted players around. Sell them for coins in the market. You can use the coins to buy other items or train materials. In EA FC Mobile players also gain XP from selling players on the transfer market.

Claim Rewards

Players must claim their rewards from different sources such as daily login, season progress, and achievements. These provide you with valuable XP and sometimes even rare players. By unlocking these players, fan can gain a higher overall team in EA FC Mobile.


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