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How To Find Origami Bird In Golden Hour In Honkai: Star Rail

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Feb 13, 5:08 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Golden Hour offers 20 Origami bird locations, spread across its three floors in the Penacony area of Honkai: Star Rail.

  • Explore Clockie Plaza and Oti Mall for distinct Origami bird sightings, each presenting a variety of bird types.

  • From Resilient to Artistic, players can discover diverse Origami bird types while navigating Golden Hour's unique environments.

Penacony, the third area in the renowned role-playing game Honkai: Star Rail, features the newly added collectables Origami birds. The Origami birds are birds with three feathers on the top of their head. Honkai: Star Rail players must have started hunting for these collectables and found a few of these birds, but finding 60 collectables is a challenging task. 


All the 60 Origami birds are spread across the Penacony area. In Penacony, Origami birds are available only in four locations: The Reverie (Dreamscape), Dream's Edge, A Child's Dream, and Golden Hour. In this guide, players will get to know the location of 20 birds out of the 60, making the player's life one-third easier while finding these collectables. 


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Where Are The Origami Birds In Golden Hour In Honkai: Star Rail's Penacony Area



Golden Hour comprises one-third of the Origami birds of the Penacony Area. Here is the guide to all the 20 Origami birds one can find at Golden Hour in the Penacony Area.


Golden Hour First Floor (six Origami birds):


  • Go to Clockie Statue and investigate the strange eyelashes to find the first bird.
  • Transform as Hanu in the Good Omen, My Friend mission and then return to the normal form to pop the Blue Balloon and yank a shelf with three feathers to find the Resilient Bird.
  • Go to the Red Balloon at the far right of the Space Anchor and yank it to find the Soaring Bird.
  • Go south of the Space Anchor and yank Cold-Fearing Bird from a Spheroid present at the location. 
  • Go to the west now and locate the Clockie Pizza Poster and yank it to find the Groupie Bird.
  • Go to the south of the Clockie Plaza and yank the handrail with the Fast Bird.


Golden Hour Second Floor (fourteen Origami birds)


  • Go to the east of Aideen Park and locate a Telephone Booth with the feathers and yank it to get the Careless Bird.
  • Yank the Fire Hydrant at the Reverie Hotel Entrance to find the Naughty Bird.
  • Open the SoulGlad machine at The Reverie Hotel Entrance to find the Curious Bird.
  • Locate the Trashcan north of The Reverie Hotel Entrance and find the Treasure Bird.
  • Yank the door of Unnamed Hotel in The Reverie Hotel Entrance to find the Classy Bird.
  • Yank the fountain with feathers in the west of Oti Mall to collect the Cool Bird. 
  • Fan-Spoiling Bird can be located at the Ice Cream Trolley present at the Oti Mall.
  • Locate a fish poster in Oti Mall and yank it to find the Fish-Loving Bird. 
  • Yank the tree with feathers on the north of Oti Mall and get the Cowardly Bird.
  • Prudent Bird will be present at a bench in the Sweet Corner. 
  • Go to the west of Sweet Corner and yank the seats near the table to get the Mischievous Bird. 
  • Foodie Bird will be present near Darcy at Aideen Park.
  • Players need to transform into Hanu to go into the entrance beside the TV. Return to the normal form and pop the Red Balloon. Yank under the plank using a rocket to find the Unlucky Bird.


Golden Hour Third Floor (one Origami bird)


  • Go north of the Reverie Hotel entrance and use the bubble pinball machine. Upon reaching the third floor, interact with a Telescope and yank it to find the Artistic Bird. 


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