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How To Download BGMI 2.7 Dragon Ball Update: APK Link, Update Details, and More

Aaryanshi Mohan  |   Aug 9, 9:15 AM   |   6 min read

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After two months of waiting, BGMI 2.7 update will be rolled out. This update is a collaboration with Dragon Ball and has been one of the most awaited collaborations in the game. With new cosmetics and modes, this update will add to the fun of BGMI. Here is how players can download the update.


How to Download BGMI 2.7 Dragon Ball Update


Players who wish to download the update can use a variety of ways to download the game. Players who play the game on an Android can download or update the game directly from the Google Play Store once the update is rolled out. They can also download the APK of the game from the official website. Keep vary of the fake websites that have APK links, this could cause harm to your devices.

For the ones who use an iOS device, they can download the update from the App Store. Once the update is available, players will receive a pop-up to download the new update as they open the game, and from there, they can get redirected to the App Store. Here are the timings for when the updates will start rolling out in the game.

- AOS (Google Play): August 9, 13:30-19:30

- iOS (App Store): August 9, 16:00


With this update, players will see a lot of exciting additions to the game. The update brings a new gun called Ace32, which is expected to replace the very popular 7.62 gun, AKM. In addition to this, the update will also have a new Royale Pass that will have new gun skins, costumes and interestingly, materials that will help players upgrade their upgradable cosmetics. This will be a little different from the monthly ones that were previously seen and will have 100 levels instead of 50. The theme and the event mode will be added to the game, as well. However, Krafton is yet to reveal information about it.

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