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How To Change Name In BGMI: Step-by-Step Guide

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Nov 3, 6:09 AM   |   6 min read

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  • After playing BGMI for a while, players sometimes want to change their in-game names.

  • To change the in-game name in BGMI, players must have a Rename Card in their inventory.

  • Players can use the rename card for free by completing missions or purchasing it from the in-game store.


After the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India, players have returned to conquer the battleground of BGMI. To keep their identity unique, players prefer to customize their in-game name to their liking. If a player is starting their new journey in BGMI, gamers find it challenging to select an appropriate username for themselves. After playing with the new account in BGMI, players might have thought of a new in-game name over time. Apart from new players, aspiring athletes look forward to adding the tag of their new team beside their names.


To change the in-game name in BGMI, players must have a Rename Card in their inventory. The purpose of the Rename Card is to modify the username in BGMI. Rename Cards are hard to get for free and are mostly available in the in-game store to purchase. Let's walk through how to change the player name in BGMI.


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Guide To Change In-Game Name In BGMI



After creating an account in BGMI, players will get a chance to rename their username for free by completing missions. To be eligible for a free Rename Card, players must reach Level 10 in BGMI. Upon reaching Level 10, follow the steps shown below to claim the free Rename Card:

  1. Head to the Progress Mission under the Mission Tab in BGMI.
  2. After completing missions, players can claim their rewards from here. 
  3. If a player has reached Level 10 in BGMI, they can head towards Level 10 rewards and claim them.
  4. After claiming the rewards, players will receive the Rename Card from the in-game mail. 


After receiving the Rename Card, follow the steps given below to change the in-game name in BGMI:

  1. Head over to the inventory section in BGMI, where players will find the Rename Card in the items section.
  2. If the player has decided on their new in-game name, they can tap on the Rename Card and type the username of their choice.
  3. After confirming the name, tap the OK button and enjoy the game with a fresh identity. 
  4. Players should remember that they can only change their in-game name once daily. 


BGMI will only give one free Rename Card after reaching Level 10. Another way to claim a free Rename Card is that players must wait for BGMI to include Rename Cards as a reward in their upcoming events, which is rare. If players want to change their name again instantly, they must purchase it from the in-game store. Here is how a player can buy the Rename Card in BGMI:

  1. Head to the Treasure section in the BGMI store.
  2. Look for the Rename Card. One Rename Card will cost 180 UC. Make sure to have 180 UC in the account.
  3. Tap the purchase button on the bottom right of the screen, and the Rename Card will be delivered to the player's inventory.
  4. Follow the steps above to change the name using the Rename Card in BGMI.

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