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FIFA 23 Will be Joining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as Part of EA Play on May 16

Rahul Bhushan  |   May 12, 8:05 PM   |   5 min read

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FIFA 23 makes its way to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as part of EA Play on May 16th. Its predecessor made its way to the platform around the same time last year. EA has been massively impressed by the success of FIFA 23, which has become the most successful launch in the franchise's history and continues to be a top seller worldwide. EA has to be pleased with their final outing with the FIFA license as the franchise gets a rebrand next year.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available on both console and PC and gives players access to services such as EA Play. Available at Rs 499/month, it is the subscription's most expensive tier. Once subscribed, players will be able to access the Game Pass Catalog on both PC and Xbox. 

Losing the FIFA License Might Just be a Good Thing for EA Sports 

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As the community waits eagerly to see what direction the series goes next, it is safe to say, given FIFA 23's enormous success, there is little to no fatigue to be found with the franchise. While losing the license could have been devastating, it might have just provided EA with the perfect way to redefine the scope of the series on a global scale. 

While the franchise continues to sell incredibly well, there is a mild sense of fatigue with virtually every subsequent title being only an incremental upgrade over the last one. With this in mind, EA Sports FC, the new rebrand of the franchise, might just be what the franchise is in dire need of, a refresh.

The new brand and identity allow EA Sports to creatively explore new ideas and expand the scope of the franchise beyond what was capable of with the FIFA license. In many ways, this is EA Sports unshackled as they are practically free to go in any direction the studio chooses to go. The publisher and studio have already partnered up with some of the most popular and prominent leagues of the world, including the UEFA Champions League, the Premier League, and more. This means they will not be losing any of the "premier" touches that came with the FIFA license.

The crucial point of focus for EA Sports right now would be to make sure that the community is satisfied with the offering in the way that it does offer a new experience and is drastically different from the FIFA franchise players have come to know. While it is unrealistic to expect the game to fundamentally play any differently, the studio could possibly explore shaking up things with game modes such as FUT, Seasons, and Pro Clubs. 

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