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CS2 Molotov Bug Continue to be a Major Problem for Players

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Jan 2, 2:51 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Counter-Strike 2 has been loaded with issues ever since it was released. Over the previous few months, players have raised concerns about some issues, and Valve has frequently responded quickly to fix them.

  • Unfortunately, even after three months of release, CS2 still has a lot of bugs.

  • Players of CS2 recently expressed their dissatisfaction about a Molotov glitch that leaves Smoke Grenades useless for putting out fires.


Even months after Counter-Strike 2's September 2023 release, the game is still packed with bugs. Players believe that one of them—using Smoke Grenades to put out fires—could break the game and want it corrected right away. Recently, there has been talk among CS2 players about a glitch where smoke grenades aren't working properly when thrown over fires in the game. These grenades are often meant to put out fires, however, JiberybobX, a Reddit user, shared examples of times they failed to work as planned.


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Reddit User Points Out Game-Breaking Bug In CS2



On January 1, players talked about how, in CS2, Smoke Grenades occasionally don't work as intended when tossed over a fire. The nade is normally designed to put out the fire, but as a player by the name of JiberybobX pointed out, this isn't always the case. A Molotov landed in the Window position on Mirage while the player was holding it in JiberybobX's clip. They attempted to use a smoke to put it out, but the smoke was ineffective and the player died as a result. A number of people highlighted various aspects of the glitch. When a Smoke grenade is used, sometimes the fire goes out, but there's a delay, which means that players get hit harder. A notable comment on the Reddit thread mentioned that when Smoke Grenades are used, the flames appear to go through a second burning phase instead of going out right away.


Gamers have also noted that the glitch has been affecting gaming for a while, and they have been pressuring Valve to come up with a quick fix. The Molotov bug and a few other bugs caused players of Counter-Strike 2 to deal with interruption for a considerable amount of time, but the developers have demonstrated an undying commitment to fixing these problems. The game's progress from its launch version can be largely credited to Valve's frequent upgrades. With the first CS2 Major scheduled for March, the developers will have about two months to work out these kinks and improve gameplay.


The Molotov mechanics have already been fixed multiple times by Valve. The sound problems with the Molotov and incendiary grenades were fixed in the CS2 update that was published on September 29. Previously, it was challenging to keep track of the grenades used because mid-air explosions frequently produced no sound. Since some teams base their strategy on tracking the amount of grenades used, this problem might have presented difficulties in competitive tournaments. A Molotov cocktail-related explicit animation could be triggered by players rapidly switching between grenades and pressing the inspection button before the update. However, the issue has been fixed, and the animation now merely features a bottle flip motion free of any explicit movement.


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